Graveyard Shift Dr. Oz Interviews 'House Of Horrors' Family After Kids Found In Captivity  

Mick Jacobs

Anyone keeping up with the Turpin family abuse case knows this cycle of abuse remained uninterrupted for years, forcing the Turpin children to face a different horror every day. Speaking for the first time about their abuse on Dr. Oz in the video below, two of the Turpin children explained how the abuse was allowed to continue for so long.

The Turpin children, now grown adults, disclose how one of their family members took advantage of them. Even when they raised their voices about the family member, the children were ignored or dismissed as liars.

This part of the Turpin children's story, unfortunately, only touches the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the abuses disclosed on Dr. Oz, the Turpin children suffered from malnourishment and physical abuse. Sources say the children only received one shower per year.

The clip below delves into just one of the many horrors faced by the 13 Turpin children, who all suffered from this treatment from their earliest days. As for the Turpin parents, they deserve nothing less than to be locked away for life.