The Funniest Gag Reels from Serious TV Shows

It seems like every show on television today is very serious. Whether it’s a courtroom drama, a CSI spinoff, or an HBO show about a magical world with either dragons or no dragons, everyone is constantly scowling and wringing their hands at the sky. But fear not dear reader, for we have compiled a stunning list of the best gag reels from the most serious of television shows (well, as serious as drama bloopers from a show about glampires can be). We’ve got Peter Dinklage dancing, Edie Falco making really weird faces, and Ice-T grinning from ear to ear. It’s a veritable cornucopia of actors making fools of themselves in blooper reels from drama series.

The time-honored tradition of TV bloopers lives forever online, where digital librarians (i.e. nerds) compile gag reels of their favorite programs for all the world to see. Everything from hunks getting concussions on Lost to the dumb-dumbs on Sons of Anarchy falling off tow trucks can be found floating around the internet, and we’re happy to put all the best blooper reels together for you in one place so you can get your giggles in while you’re at work. Speaking of work, you might want to put your headphones on because these blooper reels are full of television actors you didn't know were potty mouths.

After you finish chuckling away your day, feel free to vote on which gag reels for dramas made you laugh the hardest, and comment on which reel you thought should stayed on the cutting room floor.

Photo: flickr / CC0