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TV Channels of Belgium

A list of Belgian TV channels. All popular TV channels in Belgium have been included. In this day and age, virtually every country has its own set of television networks. TV originally evolved from radio, and up until the last few decades, virtually all television content was broadcast over the air. Today, cable and satellite providers directly broadcast much of what is watched. Programming can be created both in house, or by a studio or other production facility that is sometimes directly affiliated with the station. Television shows can also be imported (and exported) to other countries, often through syndication. While satellite and cable currently take all the glory, over-the-air broadcasting is not being left behind as many countries are making the switch from analogue to digital broadcasts.
  • 2BE

    2BE is a Belgian television channel owned by the commercial broadcasting company Vlaamse Media Maatschappij. Since it also owns vtm and JIM, it's not uncommon for programs to be passed on from one  ...more
  • AB3

    AB3 is a private commercial television channel of the French Community of Belgium.  ...more
  • AB4

  • Arte Belgique

  • Be 1

  • Belgacom TV

  • BRF TV

  • BVN which is the abbreviation of Het beste van Vlaanderen en Nederland is a satellite and cable television channel – a joint venture by the public broadcasting companies from the Netherlands and the  ...more
  • Canvas

    Canvas is a Belgian television channel, which forms part of the Flemish public broadcasting organisation Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep. Specialising in both original and adaptations from western  ...more
  • Club RTL

  • één

  • Euronews is a multilingual news television channel, headquartered in Lyon-Écully, France. Created in 1993, it aims to cover world news from a pan-European perspective.  ...more

  • JIM is a Flemish television channel that is aimed at people aged between 15 and 24. It's actually an abbreviation for "Jong, Interactief en Meer". During its first years, the channel mainly broadcast  ...more
  • Ketnet

    Ketnet is a public children's television channel in Flanders, owned and operated by the VRT, Flanders' public broadcaster. The station aims to provide an alternative to violent commercial children's  ...more
  • La Deux

  • La Trois

  • La Une

  • MCM is a French music video TV channel owned by Groupe MCM. It was started in 1989 by Groupe Europe following the MTV model, as the French version of MTV. MCM broadcasts three encrypted music TV  ...more
  • History is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by A+E Networks, a joint venture between the Hearst Corporation and the Disney–ABC Television Group division of The  ...more
  • Prime Televisie

  • RTBF Sat

  • Studio 100 TV

  • TMF

    TMF was a music video and entertainment channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The channel was owned by Viacom International Media Networks and was originally a Dutch channel. Formed after the  ...more
  • TV5Monde is a global television network, broadcasting several channels of French language programming. It is an approved participant member of the European Broadcasting Union.  ...more