TV Characters Brought Back To Life (Because Fans Got Pissed)

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There's a special place in hell for TV shows (and movies) that killed characters then brought them back. Whether they killed off a character to shake up an atrophying plot or because it made sense to the story, for devoted fans a beloved character dying cheapens death and provokes outrage. In such cases, shows will sometimes do an about face and bring back a character for plot convenience or as a ratings gimmick. This will usually come with a cute, if unsatisfying, explanation for how the character was magically able to survive his or her decapitation and five hundred gunshot wounds, for example, it was just a character who looked like them or because: magic.

TV characters brought back to life because fans were pissed aren't especially common, as show producers generally try to avoid earning a special place in hell. Fans must be kept happy if viewership numbers are threatened and the controversy might even earn the show a little buzz if the character happened to be especially prominent in the show. Here are characters on TV shows who died then came back due to popular demand.