TV Characters You Never Realized Are On The Spectrum

While a character like Max Braverman from Parenthood was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, as part of a storyline on the drama, most TV characters who are probably autistic have not been recognized. Over the past ten years or so, there have been several TV shows that depict autism or have characters with Asperger's. Some of these fictional characters on the spectrum will seem pretty obvious, while others may surprise you.

Some of the defining characteristics of Asperger’s include: obsession with odd things or unusual topics, limited social ability, the need for a set routine, robotic speech, an inability to make eye contact, awkward mannerisms, the inability to pick up on social cues, and the inability to detect sarcasm. Different people who are on the spectrum will display different traits. Do any of these symptoms remind you of your favorite television character?

Is it weird that Abed from Community uses his insane knowledge of pop culture as a means to communicate? Is it odd that Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black nearly loses her mind during the prison riot because her daily routine gets totally out of whack? Ever wonder why Sherlock Holmes does not have any friends?

Check out these fascinating TV characters on the spectrum. While it’s true that their creators may not have officially announced their diagnosis, there’s at least enough evidence to make a strong case. Did we miss any of your favorite fictional characters on the spectrum? Let us know in the comments section.