13 TV Characters You Never Realized Are Total Creeps

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Everyone has their favorite TV characters. But are you sure your faves aren’t actually creepy TV characters bent on ruining the lives of everyone around them? Take another look at the sitcoms and dramas populating every channel, and you'll find a plethora of aggressive TV characters that seem normal, and even TV characters that are sexual predators. You shouldn’t feel bad for being taken in by these television monsters – some of their psychopathic behavior is pretty subtle.

Creepy TV characters who don’t seem so creepy at first glance are different than your average antagonist. They may seem sweet or wholesome. They might even be cartoons. But the first chance they get, you'd better believe they're going to manipulate or otherwise take advantage of someone.

It may hurt to find out which of your favorite television characters are actually nightmare people in disguise, but you just have to treat this information like a Band-Aid: rip it off quickly and the pain will go away.


  • Ezra Fitz - 'Pretty Little Liars'
    Photo: Freeform

    This should go without saying, but as a refresher: if you're a teacher, don't have sex with any of your students. Also, if you're an adult, don't have sex with someone who's underage, even if they recently returned from Iceland and seem like an "old soul."

    In Pretty Little LiarsEzra Fitz is a teacher at Rosewood High School when he accidentally hooks up with high school student Aria Montgomery after meeting her in a bar. Instead of immediately breaking things off with Aria, Fitz decides to continue their illicit relationship They even end up getting engaged by the end of the series.

  • Gerald 'Coop' Cooperberg - 'Wet Hot American Summer'
    Photo: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp / Netflix

    Coop may seem like the protagonist of Wet Hot American Summer and its ensuing prequel and sequel, but he’s actually one of the worst members of Camp Firewood. The prequel to WHAS follows Coop as he pines after his crush Katie, and takes lessons in love. It’s cute, but his worst tendencies come out 10 years later. He and Katie pick up their floundering relationship where they left off – but it's all an emotional affair. Coop is actually engaged and he hasn't told anyone about it. Cheating is bad enough, but lying to all of your friends so you can hook up with your high school crush is beyond weird.

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    The Traveler - 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

    The Traveler only makes a handful of appearances in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In his initial Season 1 story, he lusts after Wesley Crusher, the wunderkind of the Enterprise, turns him into a scientific whiz, and introduces him to the concept of interstellar travel. By the time he comes back around later, Wesley is ready to get out of town (town being space) and pop around the universe with him. Apparently he wasn't bothered by the idea of having been watched and groomed by a mysterious being for years.

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    Dev Shah - 'Master of None'

    Dev Shah - 'Master of None'
    Photo: Netflix

    Audiences may want to pretend that Dev is just a cool guy who makes his own pasta, and lives in one of those New York lofts that only exist on television, but he’s been a creep since episode 1 of Master of None. The series opens with his condom breaking while he’s having sex, and instead of immediately offering to pick up Plan B pill, he tells the girl about how he masturbated before their date.

    Aside from his weird bedside manner, he speaks like an infant, he gaslights women, and he spends half of Season 2 pressuring Francesca, his friend from Italy, into having an emotional affair with him.