TV Characters Who Would Make Horrible Roommates

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TV is filled with fun and lovable characters who most of us fantasize about living with, but there are also some TV characters who would make terrible roommates. A lot of people would like to be one of the Friends gang, have a board game night with the nerds from The Big Bang Theory, or swap hi-fives with How I Met Your Mother's Barney. Conversely, some characters would make absolutely dreadful co-habitants. You wouldn't exactly feel comfortable sharing a flat with Dexter Morgan, Hannibal Lector, or even Sherlock Holmes.

Then there are those who seem like they'd be ideal candidates but would actually end up being roommates from Hell. "Nice guys" who are actually really patronizing, "fun" types who are such messes that you'd never see a dime of rent, and rich kids who could land you a killer apartment, but who you'd be picking up after all the time.