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TV Characters Who Would Make Horrible Roommates

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TV is filled with fun and lovable characters who most of us fantasize about living with, but there are also some TV characters who would make terrible roommates. A lot of people would like to be one of the Friends gang, have a board game night with the nerds from The Big Bang Theory, or swap hi-fives with How I Met Your Mother's Barney. Conversely, some characters would make absolutely dreadful co-habitants. You wouldn't exactly feel comfortable sharing a flat with Dexter Morgan, Hannibal Lector, or even Sherlock Holmes.

Then there are those who seem like they'd be ideal candidates but would actually end up being roommates from Hell. "Nice guys" who are actually really patronizing, "fun" types who are such messes that you'd never see a dime of rent, and rich kids who could land you a killer apartment, but who you'd be picking up after all the time.

Photo: Seinfeld/NBC

  • Cosmo Kramer From 'Seinfeld'
    Photo: Seinfeld / NBC

    Cosmo Kramer makes for a fun neighbor, but living with him would get old fast. Despite his moments of kindness and unflinching honesty, the downsides outweigh the positives.

    Chances are high he'd be bursting into your room every day with a new hair-brained, get-rich-quick scheme, and you'd be putting up with an ever-revolving door of strange, uninvited guests. 

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  • Carrie Bradshaw From 'Sex And The City'
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    The Sex and the City girls are considered to be the epitome of female friendship, and Carrie's at the center of it all. Impromptu holidays, bottomless brunches, day-wine-drinking, and catty gossip would be pretty fun. And who could say no to that New York apartment?

    Underneath all that, Carrie would be the worst to live with. If you came to her with a problem like poor Miranda often did, she'd be more concerned fretting over how it would affect herShe would flush away all her rent money on designer shoes, leaving you to bail her out, and you'd have to pretend to laugh at all of her terrible jokes: "If you’re tired, you take a napa, you don’t move to Napa."

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  • Dwight Schrute From 'The Office'
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    If you're willing to marathon Battlestar Galactica with him, Dwight could make for a great and loyal roommate. You'd also save money on self defense classes thanks to his martial arts skills.

    Of course, the biggest drawback to moving onto Schrute Farms is everything is old. It'd be cold, damp, dark and downright spooky at night. Not to mention you'd have to share it with strangers from time to time, as Dwight uses it as a hotel. Beets would also be featured on the menu in plenty of the home-cooked meals.

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    Harry From 'Fleabag'

    Harry From 'Fleabag'
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    In a show about terrible people doing terrible things to each other, the main character's on-again/off-again boyfriend Harry seems like the best of a bad lot. Clean-cut, sensitive and (sometimes) willing to put up with a messy and cynical girlfriend - your stereotypical "nice guy" on all fronts. If you had to live with anyone from the show, he'd be the obvious choice, right?

    Unfortunately, Harry is incredibly condescending and is someone who fancies themselves a deep thinker. He's the kind of roommate who would clean up one of your tiny messes, not because you live in a shared space, but to make a point and be passive aggressive. 

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    Will And Grace From 'Will & Grace'

    Will And Grace From 'Will & Grace'
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    Living with Will and Grace seems like it would be non-stop fun. They have amazing chemistry, wild adventures, and aren't shy about expressing how much they love each other. You'd also get to hang out with Jack and Karen, who are even more fun - as long as you can handle Karen's sharp tongue.

    But underneath all the laughter, Will and Grace are hot messes. You'd have to put up with heated arguments about the most trivial things, painful levels of passive aggression, and a borderline creepy symbiotic friendship. In fact, living with Karen and her barely there rich husband would probably be preferable.

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    Nick Miller From 'New Girl'

    Nick Miller From 'New Girl'
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    There are some positives to living with Nick. He's a good listener, he runs a business, and he has a great sense of humor. He also considers himself a money-saving expert - which is great, if you can put up with everything in the apartment being held together with tape and glue. 

    Nick's empathetic, but his knack for problem-solving comes from sticking his nose into other people's business all the time. Anything you tell him in confidence won't stay that way for long because he's a famously terrible liar. 

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