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List of television characters who work as a Construction worker on their TV show, listed alphabetically with photos of the characters when available. Throughout the history of television there have been many fictional characters who are Construction workers. Does your favorite show have someone who works as a Construction worker?" The answer is most likely yes, as they seem to be very common in sitcoms, cartoons and dramas.

List items include Xander Harris, D.L. Hawkins and many more.

This list answers the question, "Who are fictional Construction workers on TV?"

Ben Williams

Ben Williams was a fictional character in UK soap opera Family Affairs, played by Adam Rhys Dee from early 2005 until the end of the series in December that year. ...more on Wikipedia

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D.L. Hawkins

Daniel Lawrence "D. L." Hawkins is a fictional character played by Leonard Roberts in the TV series Heroes. The father of Micah Sanders and husband of Niki Sanders, he has the power to phase through solid objects. ...more on Wikipedia

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Jason Grimshaw, is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Portrayed by actor Ryan Thomas, the character first appeared during the episode airing on 25 December 2000, when he comes looking for mother Eileen at the Battersbys' home. Jason is the son of Eileen Grimshaw and Tony Stewart, but he did not know his father for many years. Upon his arrival on the Street with his family, he was as aspiring runner, something which Eileen did not completely approve of. He worked for a brief period in Sally Webster's hardware shop in 2001 until the failing business went up on fire. He also found a traumatised Toyah Battersby lying in the ginnel following her rape in ...more on Wikipedia

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Joseph "Joe" Macer is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Ray Brooks. He made his first appearance on 19 August 2005. He was the second husband of Pauline Fowler and her accidental killer. Brooks was axed in July 2006 and Joe was killed off on 26 January 2007. ...more on Wikipedia

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