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TV Characters Working as a Homemaker

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List of television characters who work as a Homemaker on their TV show, listed alphabetically with photos of the characters when available. Throughout the history of television there have been many fictional characters who are Homemakers. Does your favorite show have someone who works as a Homemaker?" The answer is most likely yes, as they seem to be very common in sitcoms, cartoons and dramas.

This list contains items like Lois Griffin and Carmela Soprano.

This list answers the question, "Who are fictional Homemakers on TV?"
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    Elizabeth "Betty" Hofstadt Francis is a fictional character on AMC's television series Mad Men, portrayed by January Jones. The character's appearance is often compared to Grace Kelly. Blonde and...  more

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    Carmela Soprano, played by Edie Falco, is a fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos. She is the wife of Mafia boss Tony Soprano and the program's most prominent female character along...  more

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    Eunice Higgins is the main character in the comedy sketch The Family played by Carol Burnett. Eunice was also featured in a CBS made-for-TV movie titled after her, which aired in 1982. The film...  more
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    Florida Evans Dixon is the fictional supporting character on the sitcom Maude and the lead character in its spin-off, Good Times. She was the hard-working mother of the Evans family. She first...  more
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    Holly Fischer

    Holly Fischer is a fictional character from the first and fourth season of the FOX series The O.C., played by Ashley Hartman....  more
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    Ikuko Tsukino

    Ikuko Tsukino is a fictional character from the Japanese anime series Sailor Moon....
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    Jackie Webb

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    Janice Soprano Baccalieri, played by Aida Turturro, is a fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos. She is Tony Soprano's elder sister. A young Janice has appeared in flashbacks, played...  more
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    Kate Martin

    Katherine "Kate" Martin was a fictional character on the soap opera All My Children. She was known as Kate Martin. She was played by Christine Thomas for three weeks in January 1970, then by Kate...  more
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    Kitty Forman

    Katherine Anne "Kitty" Forman (née Sigurdson) is a fictional character on the Fox Network's That '70s Show, portrayed by comic actress Debra Jo Rupp. A nurse, she has taken breaks from her career...  more
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    Krystal Carey

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    Lily Munster is a fictional character from the 1996 film The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas....  more
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    Lois Patrice Griffin is a main character from the animated television series Family Guy. She is voiced by writer Alex Borstein and first appeared on television, along with the rest of the family, in...  more

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    Nancy Hughes

    Nancy Hughes McClosky was a fictional character from the CBS Daytime soap opera As the World Turns. Portrayed by Helen Wagner for 54 years from the soap's inception in 1956 until 2010, Nancy served...  more
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    Rachel "Raquel" Turner (formerly Slater; born 4 June 1957) is a fictional character from the BBC television sit-com Only Fools and Horses, in which she was Del Boy's longtime girlfriend. She was...  more
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    Samantha Stephens is an american house-wife that is also a witch. She has a twitch in her nose that has always been her main characteristic in doing magic. In 1964 she married a mortal named Darrin...  more

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