13 TV Characters Killed Off Because The Writers Hated The Actor

CAUTION: This list contains plot spoilers for various TV series. 

Throughout the history of television, actors, directors, writers, and producers have worked together to create some of the greatest TV characters in entertainment history. Many of those characters have unforgettable moments involving their marriage, success, failure, and sometimes, their untimely ends. 

While the most shocking character demises are usually written into the plot, others have been caused by actors who brought about their own demise. Many of those instances took place when characters were targeted because the show's writers hated the actors. Feuds between writers, show runners, and acting cast are as old as the invention of TV, but the beefs on this list had particularly strong finality. The killing off of characters on the show Grey's Anatomy is probably the most famous case of "TV writer vs. actor" animosity, but there are plenty of other main characters who met their ends because the actor and writers couldn't get along.