22 TV Couples Who Got Together In Real Life

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Celebrity couples who met on a TV show where they played a couple.

List of TV couples who got together in real life. Did you know that some your favorite couples from television were couples in the real world too (no, not the MTV show)? This list of television characters might surprise you when you learn the celebrities who portray(ed) them hooked up in reality. The beautiful Mila Kunis and equally beautiful Ashton Kutcher have had a long romance and now have a daughter together. But before Ashton asked Mila to become "Mrs. Kutcher," the two played Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso on That 70's Show.

Look no further than two of the most popular shows of all time, which just so happen to be on HBO: Game of Thrones and True Blood. With respect to the former, Jon Snow and Ygritte (played by Kit Harington and Rose Leslie) were at one time boyfriend and girlfriend. And as for the latter, Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood) is married to Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton on the show). From Gilmore Girls to Mad Men, from Entourage to The O.C., the most famous TV actors and actresses had their lives imitate art with their real life relationships.