Total Nerd These TV 'Happy Endings' Were Actually Unspeakably Tragic When You Think About It  

Mick Jacobs

Whenever a beloved TV series reaches its inevitable conclusion, fans want and expect the best for the characters they've come to love over the course of years and years. Some of the "happy endings" for some of TV's biggest shows actually aren't that happy when you think about it, though, and the video below proves it by putting a spotlight on the worst offenders.

Wrapping up an entire series in one last episodes obviously presents a pretty tall task for writers and producers, who must tie up as many storylines as possible in a clean yet still engaging manner.

But in their haste to come to a smooth ending, many finales gloss over a couple of glaring issues that would otherwise turn certain happy endings into uncertain ones. To be fair, maybe people are reading too deep into these conclusions.

Or perhaps these endings register as unhappy because the show itself was never happy to begin with. That's definitely one to stew over. Check out this collection of the most unhappy "happy" endings in TV.