TV Episodes Written By Dennis Klein

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A Bullet for Stiles Bakersfield, P.D. - Season 1
A thief is released from prison and comes to Bakersfield to exact revenge on Capt. Stiles, the man who caught him 10 years earlier.
Buffalo Bill and the Soviets Buffalo Bill - Season 2
Bill thinks two of his guests are smuggling technology to Russia.
Cable Does Not Pay Bakersfield, P.D. - Season 1
Capt. Stiles and Sgt. Hampton are taken hostage by an unhappy cable employee; Wade tries to get Paul to loosen up.
Arms and the Men Bakersfield, P.D. - Season 1
The city is up in arms, so to speak, when a severed limb is found in the civic water supply.
Church of the Poisoned Mind Buffalo Bill - Season 2
Bill insults a priest on the air which ignites a boycott.
Hit the Road, Jack Buffalo Bill - Season 2
Bill gets Newdell fired, but he begins to regret it.
Charity Begins at Home The Chris Isaak Show - Season 2
From Showtime: At the request of his mother, Dr. Dorothy Isaak, Chris agrees to organize a charity benefit concert at Bimbo's. The night of the event, during a torrential rain storm, he shares ...more
The Larry Sanders Show - Season 6
Flip was a television episode.
Have Yourself a Very Degrading Christmas Buffalo Bill - Season 2
Bill skips Jo-Jo's Christmas party for a date with a Brazilian movie star.
The Poker Game Bakersfield, P.D. - Season 1
When Paul finally gets invited to the gang's regular poker night, he winds up the big winner -- or does he?
The Tap Dancer Buffalo Bill - Season 2
Bill's boyhood hero dies during the show.
Hey Now The Larry Sanders Show - Season 1
Hank falls asleep during the show, which is just the last straw for a fed-up Larry.
Jerry Lewis Week Buffalo Bill - Season 2
Karl challenges Bill by stealing the stuffed bear Bill has been using for on-air commercials about his mechanic.
Lucky 13 Bakersfield, P.D. - Season 1
Inadequacy strikes Stiles; Wade and Paul fall for a missing cow's owner; suspended Denny is forced to sell underwear from his car.
Last One Into the Water Bakersfield, P.D. - Season 1
The captain wants a spa in the men's locker room; Wade surprised Paul by revealing a caring side to his nature; Denny gets a surprise after he picks a fight with the fire department.
The Snake Charmer Bakersfield, P.D. - Season 1
Sgt. Hampton's out of town, so an indecisive Capt. Stiles decides to make Paul his right-hand man -- and decision -maker.
Where Are You, Little Star? Getting Together - Season 1
Pilot Cosby - Season 1
Downsizing at the airport forces Hilton to retire.
The Taxi Caper All in the Family - Season 4
An influential politician attempts to dissuade Archie from pressure charges against his son after the boy robs Archie in Munson's cab.
The Big Freeze Buffalo Bill - Season 2
Bill and Jo-Jo have a falling out. Wendy wants to do a show about nuclear weapons.
The Interview Buffalo Bill - Season 2
A reporter interviews the crew for a news feature.
UNTITLED 12 Buffalo Bill - Season 1
Wendy is insulted when Bill insults a guest she booked.
UNTITLED 10 Buffalo Bill - Season 1
Bill sees a picture of a woman and wants her on the show.
The Beginning of the End The Larry Sanders Show - Season 6
Kenny Mitchell joins the show as creative consultant and makes major changes to the format. Larry battles with the network and his agent over his contract.
Sometimes a Great Ocean The Odd Couple - Season 3
Felix nurses Oscar's ulcer.