TV Episodes Written By Emily Skopov

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List of TV episodes written by Emily Skopov, listed alphabetically. This list of television episodes written by Emily Skopov also includes any episodes that were co-written by Emily Skopov. Various bits of information are available for these episodes, such as what season the episode is from and when it originally aired. If you want to know more about a particular episode you can click on its name for additional details.

List includes He Said, She Said, Big Girls Don't Cry and more.

This list answers the questions, "Which TV episodes were written by Emily Skopov?" and "What shows has Emily Skopov written for?"

Viewers rarely pay attention to who wrote a television episode, so use this list to further your appreciation for TV writers. Emily Skopov may not only be a writer, as there are potential producer and director credits as well. (9 items)
Blind Eye Pacific Blue - Season 5
T.C., now hooked on painkillers from being shot in the leg, leads Pacific Blue on the trail of a potential serial killer who preys on young runaways that he locates via the Internet. Cory and ...more
Big Girls Don't Cry Pacific Blue - Season 5
A female boxer dies after an exhibition match. Cory decides to investigate but the new D.A. whom she is attrracted to, is concerned that she might not handle it properly. So he calls T.C. who ...more
Dear Harris The Client - Season 1
In a production of ""Romeo and Juliet"" at a predominately white school, Jamal James Garrett, a black kid, plays Romeo. This aggravates racial tensions because a white girl, ...more
Coup By Clam Farscape - Season 4
The crew consume food, sharing amongst themselves. Although if not ingested by the same person, it becomes toxic. They must quickly find a cure or they'll die.
Return of the Valkyrie (3) Xena: Warrior Princess - Season 6
Xena has amnesia and believes herself to be Hrothgar's bride, Wealthea but she must regain her memory in order to save Gabrielle from eternal sleep.
He Said, She Said Crisis Center - Season 1
Kathy attempts to help a date-rape victim, and Nando lends support to an addict about to be married. Meanwhile, Dr. Buckley is surprised when he meets his former fiancee, and Tess searches for a ...more
Thicker Than Water Pacific Blue - Season 4
After a young Mafia lawyer and his wife are murdered in their home, Cory catches up with the unharmed six year old boy who's on the run with his real mother, a stripper with whom the Mafia ...more
The Spider's Stratagem Andromeda - Season 4
The crew intercepts a mysterious cargo en route to a war zone.
Heart of Darkness Xena: Warrior Princess - Season 6
Xena must devise a plan to avoid inheriting the kingdom of Hell, and it won't be easy with her heart turning cold and an angel named Lucifer ambitiously trying to force her to descend to her