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List of TV episodes written by Eric Zicklin, listed alphabetically. This list of television episodes written by Eric Zicklin also includes any episodes that were co-written by Eric Zicklin. Various bits of information are available for these episodes, such as what season the episode is from and when it originally aired. If you want to know more about a particular episode you can click on its name for additional details.

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A Day in May Frasier - Season 8 Niles becomes jealous when Daphne meets a dog lover. Lana becomes interested in Frasier when she tries to close a house sale. Martin meets a mystery woman.

Alarmed and Dangerous Center of the Universe - Season 1 A panic-stricken widow pesters Barnett Security constantly, but when Tommy is assigned to the case, he sees a little more of the woman than her alarm system.

Are You Ready for Some Football? Dharma & Greg - Season 2 When Greg convinces Dharma to accompany him and Pete to a football game, despite her lifelong aversion to competitive sports, he is unprepared for her sudden and total conversion into a ...more

Episode #119 MADtv: Season One Sketches: Martial Arts #1 Spishak Margarine Meet The Folks Lowered Expectations-Danielle Fugitive Martial Arts #2 Spy Vs Spy- Sidewalk Switch Party Dad Lowered Expectations-Budduda Gumboy and ...more

Bed, Bath and Beyond Dharma & Greg - Season 2 Greg is forced to go with the flow when Larry makes a few improvements in the loft and lets in more than just a spring shower; and Dick Clark pays a visit during Edward's surreal flashback

Bully for Martin Frasier - Season 9 Martin's boss at his new job bullies him, so Frasier decides to try and solve the problem.

Frasier Has Spokane Frasier - Season 9 When Frasier radio show becomes syndicated in Spokane and replaces the local radio icon's show, his callers are angry.

And the Silver Medal Goes To... Center of the Universe - Season 1 It's Murphy's Law when Kate grudgingly agrees to fix Tommy up with a fellow teacher. Meanwhile, Miles looks for a date to take to a homecoming dance.

Episode #118 MADtv: Season One Sketches include ""X-News #1"", ""Headache #1"", ""Beauty Pageant"", ""The New Job"", ""Spy Vs ...more

Kissing Cousin Frasier - Season 10 Frasier is surprised to learn that Kenny has never unpacked the boxes in his office because he views all of his jobs as temporary. Roz's younger cousin Jen comes to stay with her for the week. ...more

Jimmy from the Block Yes, Dear - Season 6 Envious of Jimmy and Christine's newfound neighborhood popularity, Kim throws a barbeque, where she discovers that she and Greg are not popular at all.

Farewell, Nervosa Frasier - Season 10 Frasier consults his old friend Avery for advice on his finances. Avery says that Frasier's spending habits are out of control. Frasier becomes depressed and heads out to Cafe Nervosa to think ...more

Independence Day (a.k.a. Tommy Deals) Center of the Universe - Season 1 Tommy seeks independence after John accuses him of being a mooch, but John has problems with Independent Tommy, too.

Run, Dharma, Run Dharma & Greg - Season 2 As Election Day approaches, Dharma and Greg's relationship hits stormy seas due to clashes over her campaign strategy. Meanwhile, an aggressive opponent may really rain on Dharma's parade.

Dharma & Greg - Season 1 Transportation becomes an issue for the young couple when Greg insists Dharma can use his car any time she wants but makes compulsive demands on her treatment of the vehicle. (Dharma: ...more

Four Colds and a Funeral Stark Raving Mad - Season 1 Henry's germophobia kicks in as he struggles to maintain a ""five-foot perimeter"" from Ian, who's got a cold. But Henry catches it anyway. Audrey tells Henry that she's ...more

The Work of Art Center of the Universe - Season 1 At Marge's urging, John brings Art out of retirement in hopes of curing his depression -- which sets off a domino effect where nothing is as it seems.

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 Dharma discovers Greg is really the only man for her when she agrees to attend a dance with a nerdy high school kid, but meets with some serious competition from the younger crowd. Meanwhile, ...more

Frasier - Season 8 Frasier and Niles decide to enter an auto repair class after they embarrass themselves in front of their respective dates when their car breaks down and the women show more knowledge on engines ...more

Room Full of Heroes Frasier - Season 9 Frasier holds a "Dress as Your Hero" Halloween party, but nobody can tell who he is. Meanwhile, Niles dresses as Martin, Daphne as Elton John, Martin as Joe DiMaggio and Roz as Wonder ...more

Something About Carly on a Hot Tar Roof Something So Right - Season 1 Carly is planning Sarah's 12th birthday party, and they both want to make sure the girl's oft-absent father Sheldon attends. After he's been pinned down on a date and invitations are mailed, ...more

Should I Bring A Jacket? Yes, Dear - Season 6 Discovering that Kim listens to Christine and Jimmy listens to Greg, Greg and Christine take advantage and ally themselves to help each other get what they want.

Yes, We Have No Bananas (or Anything Else for That Matter) Dharma & Greg - Season 2 A gently surreal episode whose humor derives from escalating skewed logic in the Preston Sturges mode: Greg's hostile secretary Marlene (at last the wonderful Yeardley Smith returns!) is ...more

The Paper Hat Anniversary Dharma & Greg - Season 2 It's traditional to fight on your first anniversary (even if Hallmark doesn't have a card for it): Dharma and Greg stage an argument to escape their parents' planned celebration, but in ...more

Yoga and Boo, Boo Dharma & Greg - Season 1 When Greg's competitive nature becomes destructive, Dharma exposes him to yoga, hoping to lower his stress level. After two classes, however, they both realize Greg's life is out of control when ...more

The Second Coming of Leonard Dharma & Greg - Season 1 When Dharma's charismatic old boyfriend, Leonard, suddenly re-enters her life after a year in India, Greg finds himself extremely uncomfortable around him—especially when it becomes ...more

Something About a Family Photo Something So Right - Season 1 While looking at some old photos, Carly is inspired to set up a shoot for a family Christmas picture, even though it's only October. Jack's ""traditional"" Santa Claus ...more

The Ex-Files Dharma & Greg - Season 1 When Greg's former co-worker and ex-girlfriend Barbara is transferred back to his firm from Washington, Dharma seeks to assuage her own natural jealousy by finding a new Mr. Right for ...more

Something About a Christmas Miracle Something So Right - Season 1 It's Christmastime, and Carly is depressed because all the kids are leaving to spend the holidays with their other parents. Jack just wants to get everyone ready and out of the apartment ...more

Mary Christmas Frasier - Season 8 Frasier learns that Dr. Mary will be his co-host for the annual Christmas parade.

The Crush Stark Raving Mad - Season 1 Oh what a tangled web Ian weaves when he writes a secret admirer letter to Kit, a blonde he likes, and asks Jake to deliver it to her apartment for him. Kit catches Jake slipping it under her ...more

Something About Reverse Psychology Something So Right - Season 1 Jack is dubious, but he lets Nicole guest star on her mother's show as Thora, daughter of Thena, and he's assured it's only a one-time thing since her character is decapitated. After the ...more

Therapy Stark Raving Mad - Season 1 When Ian plots a story featuring a couples counselor, he and Henry schedule an appointment with one to get the lowdown on how they operate. The couples counselor, Anne, gives Ian and Henry her ...more

Much Ado During Nothing Dharma & Greg - Season 1 A rather daring episode by contemporary network standards: When Jane breezes in to claim custody of Dharma's stuffed duck, Dharma explains to Greg that it's a trophy held by whoever has had sex ...more