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An Affair to Forget Who's the Boss? - Season 8 After Tony and Angela have confessed their love for each other,they both now want to spend an enchanting evening together.But that isn't that simply,especially since no one can know about it.

Amy's Rusty It's a Living - Season 4 Amy feels guilty for being unwed so she decides to reunite with an old flame. Meanwhile, Dot sells skin care products.

Cardinal Sin Who's the Boss? - Season 5 Tony goes to an 'Old Timer'-meeting of the Cards in St. Louis,accompanied by Angela. There Tony meets also his old friend Betty.But to prevent approaching attempts he introduces Angela as his ...more

Death Row (1) Laverne & Shirley - Season 8 Laverne makes friends with a group of people that she doesn't know are really a gang who plan to rob a bank. When she goes to the bank with them she thinks it is only to get new dishes that the ...more

Family Feud It's a Living - Season 4 Divorcees are coming out of the wood work when Dot's mother and Jan's father come for a visit and hit it off.

Grandmommie Dearest Who's the Boss? - Season 8 Mona's mother visits and gives the subtle impression that she doesn't want Tony and Angela to get married. Mona can't convince them that her mother is manipulating them, trying to turn them ...more

Give Peace a Chance Getting By - Season 1 Marcus and Darren quarrel with a bully at school. Trouble really starts when Cathy punches the bully's father.

Hildy, the Homewrecker She's the Sheriff - Season 1 A famous escape artist attempts to break out of Hildy's jail as a publicity stunt.

Hildy Gets Shot She's the Sheriff - Season 1 Hildy's decision to temporarily house a young shoplifter backfires when the boy convinces her son Kenny to run away from home.

Road Scholar Who's the Boss? - Season 6 Sam has her heart set on attending Tate College, but Tony insists she keep an open mind, so the two take a road trip to visit some schools. Sam eventually gets a letter from Tate requesting an ...more

The Two Tonys Who's the Boss? - Season 4 In Brooklyn Tony meets an old girlfriend. Her husband challenges Tony for a pool game which Tony should lose to strenghten the self-confidence of his opponent. But this is quite hard thing to do ...more

The Road to Washington (2) Who's the Boss? - Season 7 An attractive young government representative becomes Tony's guide to major events and public appearances around America's capital. Angela begins to suspect that the woman's intentions toward ...more

I Enjoy Being a Guy Newhart - Season 1 Dick loves being 'just one of the guys' when Chester and Jim invite him to join their golf foursome. Dick is distressed to find that their gambling habit and lousy golfing abilities make him the ...more

Mona & Walter & Sam & Eric Who's the Boss? - Season 6 Sam and her boyfriend Eric want to attend a concert. But Eric usually spends the evenings with his (widowed) grandfather. So Tony gets an idea: Mona should instead spend the evening with him. ...more

Lover Boy She's the Sheriff - Season 1 Rudy encourages Gussie to date but is disappointed by her choice in men -- Frank Rubin, Max's father!

In Search of Tony Who's the Boss? - Season 6 Holidays on Jamaica. And everyone enjoys the life there.Angela, too, dives right into the holiday-action and has a lot of fun. As it's not Tony, with whom she has that fun, he gets jealous.

Parental Guidance Suggested Who's the Boss? - Season 7 The time has come for Billy to start kindergarten. But there he beats up all kids. Tony and Angela is given the advice to take up a parental consultation.

Not in Front of the Children The Upper Hand - Season 5 Following their night in the Tunnel of Love Caroline and Charlie declare themselves to be officially a couple but are not keen to go public so they send the family out so they can have a ...more

The Most Important Day Ever Laverne & Shirley - Season 7 Laverne and Shirley appear on television as part of a Latvian acrobatic act in an effort to help Lenny and Squiggy's new talent agency.

Pills Mr. Belvedere - Season 3 Heather has become convinced that she's fat and decides to try diet pills, but when Marsha discovers them, she confiscates them. Meanwhile, Marsha has been studying for an exam and a bottle of ...more

Tony Can You Spare a Dime? Who's the Boss? - Season 8 Hard times have begun in the advertising industry - and Angela isn't spared either. Tony takes over the financial management because he has economy experiences. He pinches and scrapes wherever ...more

Tony Does Golf Who's the Boss? - Season 5 Tony has a new passion: golfing. Angela wins a country club membership for Tony. There Tony meets the owner of the biggest nationwide sport articles store who currently gives away a big ...more

Tony and the Honeymooners Who's the Boss? - Season 8 Sam and hank return from their honeymoon to learn that married couples aren't allowed to stay at the dorm. Tony skeptically agrees to let them stay at the house. Despite a sleepless first night ...more

The World According to Jonathan Who's the Boss? - Season 6 Some bad experiences at school, including being assigned to play the accordion, have Jonathan's self-esteem at rock bottom. Tony helps him overcome his depression by introducing him to an old ...more

Party Politics Who's the Boss? - Season 7 Billy has his birthday. But the Harpers wants to hold their birthday party the same day as Angela and Tony. As a result an (expensive) fight arises, who has the better party with the most

The Unsinkable Tony Micelli Who's the Boss? - Season 7 Tony wants Billy to decide on a sport so he isn't at home all day. Billy decides in favor of swimming. This is something Tony is not happy about: he is afraid of water and can't swim.

The Mugger Night Court - Season 3 Christine decides to quit after she's mugged in the cafeteria, but a man takes her hostage in the courtroom before she can leave.

Sam's Car Who's the Boss? - Season 5 Young Samantha has reached a teenage milestone - she has her driver's license! But in upscale Connecticut she feels left out when Bonnie gets a brand new car but Tony buys Samantha a hazard ...more