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List of TV episodes written by John Meston, listed alphabetically. This list of television episodes written by John Meston also includes any episodes that were co-written by John Meston. Various bits of information are available for these episodes, such as what season the episode is from and when it originally aired. If you want to know more about a particular episode you can click on its name for additional details.

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A Man a Day Gunsmoke - Season 7
Outlaws want Matt to leave Dodge so they can steal from the bank or they will kill a man per day.

Abe Blocker Gunsmoke - Season 8
Abe Blocker, an aging mountain man, tells Bud and Mary Groves to get off their homestead or die. Bud tells Matt. He goes looking. Abe shoots at Buck's hooves. Abe's wife and child died in ...more

About Chester Gunsmoke - Season 6
While Chester is out searching for Doc, his horse is injured. Chester goes to a house for help and is instead taken prisoner.

All That Gunsmoke - Season 7
Shanks is evicted from his rented ranch, loses his cattle and wife to another man. He goes to Colorado to pan for gold. He meets up with Buddy Ebsen, he convinces him to return to Dodge. They ...more

Ash Gunsmoke - Season 8
Ben Galt a buffalo hunter and Ash Farior get into a fight over Tilly, one of Kitty's girls. Matt breaks it up. Tilly's fiancee, Emmett Hall, tell Ben and Ash hands off his girl. Ash and Ben go ...more

Gunsmoke - Season 6
Matt rescues teen-aged Trudy Trent from a life of isolated poverty with her incestuous and alcoholic father, but he subsequently learns that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" ...more

Bank Baby Gunsmoke - Season 10
An outlaw tries to rob a bank and take a baby.

Gunsmoke - Season 6
Jake Creed accuses his young hired hand, Ben Tolliver, of horse theft.

Gunsmoke - Season 6
Vengeful former convict Nate Bush sets off a tragic series of events when he informs Matt that well-liked new arrival Cole Treadwell is actually Cole Trankin, an escapee from the Arizona ...more

Blind Man's Bluff Gunsmoke - Season 8
Bud Hayes cleans Walker out playing poker. Outside Walker kills Bud and robs him. Billy Poe sees him and tries to help. Bud asks his name. Bud says you're swing for this Billy Poe. As he dies he ...more

Bottleman Gunsmoke - Season 3
Tom Cassidy (a drunk) tries to kill Dan Clell (a new gambler) in town.

Buffalo Hunter Gunsmoke - Season 4
When a Buffalo hunter dies from injuries from burning led, Matt and Doc think that their boss (Jim Gatluf) might have had something to do with the man's dying. After Matt speaks with one of ...more

Carter Caper Gunsmoke - Season 9
Joe Stark takes a pet chicken from an old man. Billy Hargis rides up as Sally, the chicken, cooks. Joe likes Billy's horse. That night Stark is fixin' to steal the horse. Hargis whups Joe. Stark ...more

Chicken Gunsmoke - Season 10
Dan Collins is reputed to have shot four outlaws at Hackaberry Creek. Dan meets Lucy Benton and her crippled brother Carl. Lucy tells Dan not to come to her place. A cowboy coming out the Lady ...more

Child Of Pain Little House on the Prairie - Season 1
When it is found out that a young boy, Graham, is being beaten by his alcoholic father, John, Caroline takes care of the boy while Charles stays with John to try to get him to stay sober.

Claustrophobia Gunsmoke - Season 3
Ollie Ridgers is a free spirited man who hates towns and lives free on the prairie. His friend Jim Branch convinces Ollie to go into Dodge for a good time at Miss Kitty's saloon. While Ollie is ...more

Cody's Code Gunsmoke - Season 7
Sam Dukes arrives on the stage with Mr. Koger. Sam takes a fancy to Cody Durham's fiancee, Rose, who works at the Long Branch. Sam gets drunk and tries to force Rose to drink. Brack is ready to ...more

Coventry Gunsmoke - Season 7
The official summary is Matt persuades Dodge City to ignore a criminal. He never actually talks to the town about ignoring the criminal, they just all do it.

Gunsmoke - Season 3
When a young couple dies of the fever out on the prairie , Doc, Matt and Chester bring the couple's young baby into Dodge to find a good home for the young baby. Matt turns the baby over to Ma ...more

Crack-Up Gunsmoke - Season 3
Matt learns there is a hired killer in Dodge City, the hired killer gives Matt a challenge to find out who paid Nate Springer to kill Matt.

Gunsmoke - Season 6
A young army drummer named Raffie is terrorized by two bullying mule skinners.

Doc Judge Gunsmoke - Season 5
While Matt is away on business, Doc gets threatened by an ex convict (Brice Harp) who claims that Doc Adams sentenced him to a long term in Prison. Doc tries to explain to the man that he was ...more

Doc Quits Gunsmoke - Season 4
When another Doctor shows up in Dodge promising lower Doctor's fees and miracle cures, Doc gets angry and and many Dodge citizens think Doc Adamas has quit as Dodge's doctor. When Doc comes up ...more

Gunsmoke - Season 6
Matt's old friend, Esteban Garcia, tracks a man into Dodge and plans to kill him for stealing his wife.

Dooley Surrenders Gunsmoke - Season 3
Hide skinner Emmett Dooley thinks he killed a man while drunk and turns himself in.