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Cop Rock - Season 1 LaRusso is charged with murder; Quinn and Campo pose as a married couple to nab the baby-sellers who bought Patti's daughter; Chief Kendrick takes the Mayor on a dinner date.

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down Knots Landing - Season 13 Mac and Karen decide to let Greg be in Meg's life, but to wait awhile before telling her she's adopted. Victoria tells Mac that Pierce killed his last girlfriend and gives Gary numbers to ...more

Forgive and/or Forget Party of Five - Season 5 A Thanksgiving Day at the Salingers' is nothing but peaceful. Owen runs away from Charlie in the mall and the family must look for him. Julia invites Ned to the house for the Thanksgiving Day. ...more

Cop-a-Feeliac Cop Rock - Season 1 The green eyed monster grabs Ruskin, who tails Quinn and Campo; Potts receives threats for ""betraying"" his brothers in blue; Mayor Plank sees red when a journalist ...more

Black and White American Dreams - Season 1 While preparing for the city championships, JJ (Will Estes) discovers some of Philadelphia's police officers have offered his teammates money to throw the game (although Tommy denies it at ...more

For Richer, For Poorer American Dreams - Season 3 JJ and Beth began searching for the perfect house, but JJ recieves a letter from Vietnam and gives away their money for a house. As their wedding day approaches, the family is busy preparing. JJ ...more

History of the World Third Watch - Season 1 On Thanksgiving Day, Bosco tries to resolve a family conflict in a restaurant while Faith deals with the same thing in her own home. Bobby's mother refuses to allow Matty to attend the family's ...more

Driven to Extremes Party of Five - Season 5 The fight between Charlie and Bailey for the custody of Owen continues. They go to a judge. After leaving him, Ned starts to haunt Julia around. The whole family goes to court so the fight would ...more

Fair Warning Knots Landing - Season 13 Pierce makes charts about Greg, and decides that his first ""line"" to him will be Claudia. Greg offers Paige her job back. Greg and Anne go on a date. Karen's boss wants her ...more

Home Again, Home Again Knots Landing - Season 13 Greg asks police to pull out the stops in finding Brian, and hires his own detective to find him. Brian is following Greg.Pierce breaks up with his old girlfriend Victoria, and tells Paige about ...more

Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog Early Edition - Season 1 Gary has to stop the mayor's dog from being kidnapped. The kidnapper turns out to be Chuck's uncle, who was trying to get back at the mayor after a public truck ran over his dog. Phil says he'll ...more

L.A. Law - Season 4 Sifuentes represents a priest being sued by a husband who attributes his wife's mental breakdown to the priest's refusal to grant her absolution; Roxanne becomes her father's legal guardian, and ...more

Ohio Third Watch - Season 1 The three squads are stationed at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to provide protection during a Clinton-Giuliani Senate race debate. The cops are assigned to the kitchen and discuss politics and the ...more

Mr. Monk and the Psychic Monk - Season 1 Three years after losing his job with the San Francisco Police Department because of his obsessive/compulsive disorder, Monk is working as a private consultant investigating the murder of a ...more

Rings of Saturn Party of Five - Season 5 Julia is still shocked by Ned's behaviour and she won't talk to anyone about it. Griffin tries to get Claudia to join his band and play the violin, but he totally fogets about his other band ...more

Monk - Season 1 A panicky woman driver goes off the road thanks to a skid block placed by her husband, former police commissioner Harry Ashcombe. The next morning Dolly Flint, a psychic on first name terms with ...more

Cop Rock - Season 1 Potts, under pressure to come clean, and Larusso are taken off the drug case, so Larusso gets down and dirty, useing his mud wrestling girlfriend to set up a bust.Mayor Plank goes under the ...more

Cop Rock - Season 1 The suspicious death of Tyrone Weeks sparks outrage in the black community. Mayor Plank confronts Kendrick about LaRusso's history as a wild card, feuling his hatred of the mayor even further. ...more

I'll Show You Mine Party of Five - Season 5 Julia spends all her time dating new guys and she realizes just how much she needs some time alone with herself. Daphne finally shows up in San Francisco. Kirsten feels threatened by her, while ...more

Cop Rock - Season 1 Racism is an issue for Rose who punishes a bigoted detective to follow up on the shooting of a black youth; Potts who is having second thoughts about testifying; and Chief Kendrick who has a few ...more

Soldier Boy American Dreams - Season 1 Roxanne is positive Meg is the ""Blurry Girl"" in a teen Magazine dancing with Jimmy Riley. Jack and Helen are in New York for a reunion of Jack's World War II unit. Beth ...more

We're in the Money ALF - Season 4 Using Willie's home computer, ALF discovers and later becomes addicted to the art of making stock-market deals.

Journey to the Himalayas Third Watch - Season 1 Ty spends the shift on foot patrol with Candyman and discovers some disturbing facts about both his late father and Candyman; romance blooms between Doc and Morales after Doc's father tells him ...more

Whatever Works Party of Five - Season 5 Now that he turned down the business offer, Bailey gets closer to Owen and is surprised to find out that he may have a learning disability. Charlie convinces Daphne to return to San Francisco, ...more

The Gun Also Rises Knots Landing - Season 13 Kate blames Claudia for setting Steve up. Ann runs into Benny Appleman, who owes her money. He lets her stay with him, and they try to think up some scams. Linda secretly meets with Brian ...more

Magician Providence - Season 3 Hansen loyalties by the suprise vist of a family patriarch a rich, alling crumudgeon who has lucrative propositions-with strings attached.

The Choice Early Edition - Season 1 Gary has to make a decision between saving a little girl from dying or stop a plane from crashing and making over 190 victims. Since Chicago is stuck in its biggest traffic jam ever, Gary can't ...more

The Paper Early Edition - Season 1 ""Special-subscriber"" Gary is invited to the office of the Sun-Times, and he falls for one of the paper's star reporters.

Hill Street Blues - Season 7 Sid and Buntz wrestle with 80 lbs. of cocaine found in a suitcase at the site of a small plane crash; Goldblume looks into a suspected case of aspirin tampering; Belker goes under to look into a ...more

It Ain't Over Till It's Over Hill Street Blues - Season 7 Sid and Furillo work to find out who is setting up Buntz while Daniels publicly vilifies him; LaRue decides to beat a TV crew doing a live broadcast from a gangster's cellar to the punch; Bates ...more

Say Uncle Hill Street Blues - Season 7 Buntz is in charge of efforts to protect a convicted mobster on his way to jail from a killer hired by his nephew; Russo's undercover places her in another sexually fraught position; LaRue and ...more