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Gunsmoke - Season 3
Amy Slatter comes to Dodge to try and get Matt to kill her because in the Dakota territory Matt had to kill her brother.

Anybody Can Kill a Marshal Gunsmoke - Season 8
While making his rounds Matt is shot at by a rider. Cleed tells Lucas he killed Matt. In Dodge they see Matt. Painter overhears Lucas and Cleed and says he'll kill Matt for $200. Painter buys a ...more

Apprentice Doc Gunsmoke - Season 7
Doc is awakened in the middle of the night, chlorophormed, kidnapped and taken to an outlaw camp. Clint and Augie are bank robbers who have recently hooked up with Pitt Campbell and his friend ...more

Aunt Thede Gunsmoke - Season 10
At the time he appeared in this episode, Howard McNear was appearing on ""The Andy Griffith Show"" as regular, Floyd Lawson the town barber.

Cale Gunsmoke - Season 7
Cale rides up to a farm, no one is around. He puts his horse in the barn and goes to sleep in the hay. Sterret, the fired hired hand returns to steal Nick's, the owner, horses. Nick and Sterret ...more

Call Me Dodie Gunsmoke - Season 8
Seventeen year old Dodie flees the brutality of Floyd and Addie Bag at the Pleasant Valley Orphanage. In a struggle for the keys, Dodie knocks Addie out. Doc's returning from delivering a baby. ...more

Chester's Indian Gunsmoke - Season 7
Chester is leaving to visit his cousin Thurlow. In Kalvesta, Simeon brings a Cheyene indian tied up into Adam's general store. Later it is heard the Indian escaped. Callie goes to get water. The ...more

Chesterland Gunsmoke - Season 7
Chester smitten by love takes up farming, to provide for his betrothed. His soil is miserable and the shack he lives in collapses. He builds a dugout that Daisy, his intended, hates. Chester ...more

Collie's Free Gunsmoke - Season 8
Collie stole cattle and shot Davis Henry's leg half off. He's returning home from eight years in prison. Matt tells his wife Francie it's gonna take a lot of patience. Matt tells Rob his Pa is ...more

Comanches Is Soft Gunsmoke - Season 9
Festus is full of beans. Quint out indian wrestles him, but throws Festus on the bellows and they're ruined. Quint heads out to Wichita, thinking he's leaving without Festus. He's under the back ...more

Cotter's Girl Gunsmoke - Season 8
Cotter goads Mackel into giving him a severe beating. Cotter gives Matt money and a letter for his girl, Clarey. Cotter wants Matt to see that she gets to his sister Flo in Harrisburg. Cotter ...more

Gunsmoke - Season 3
When a young couple dies of the fever out on the prairie , Doc, Matt and Chester bring the couple's young baby into Dodge to find a good home for the young baby. Matt turns the baby over to Ma ...more

Gunsmoke - Season 8
Mrs. Lucy Damon , a dressmaker, is looking for a place for herself, her daughter and horse, Rainy. Chester finds a building for them, but it is in rough shape. Chester offers to fix it up. Lucy ...more

Suspicion - Season 1
After spending the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Ellis takes her child to the bus depot. When she returns home, she finds her furniture rearranged and three strangers insisting that they own ...more

Friend Gunsmoke - Season 9
Judd Nellis stops by Dodge to see Matt. Judd brings a man along, who might be dead. Judd goes by The Long Branch to have a drink, and asks to wash up before having a drink. Matt finds blood on ...more

Gilt Guilt Gunsmoke - Season 10
Doc tries to save a mother and son who fight for life.

Goodbye, Lizzie Lancer - Season 2

Help Me Kitty Gunsmoke - Season 10
Hope tells Ed she wants to look around town. Quint's carrying a crate and accidently runs into Ed. Ed socks him. Quint socks Ed. Hope tells Kitty she's Nettie Farmer's daughter. Hope ran off ...more

Home Away From Home Falcon Crest - Season 2
Against Maggie's wishes, Cole moves in with his new lover, Katherine Demery. Richard finds out and plasters The Globe with clandestine photographs of Cole and Katherine kissing. Jacqueline ...more

House of Cards Falcon Crest - Season 1
Chase begins to make inquiries into the circumstances surrounding his father's death. Angela, in an attempt to foil Chase, has Philip mislead Chase into believing he might inherit Falcon Crest. ...more

I Call Him Wonder Gunsmoke - Season 8
Jud Sorrell has left a trail drive and has won big at poker. The losers, Docker, Holt and Keogh, beat him up and take the money. While Jud sleeps a ten year old indian boy tries to steal some ...more

Gunsmoke - Season 3
Linda Bell comes to Dodge to meet her fiance Lou Paxon. Lou makes Linda take a job at the Long Branch. Matt is suspicious of Lou and Joe Bassett.

Kate Heller Gunsmoke - Season 9
Kate Heller owns a relay station. She sends her 17 year old grandson, Andy to Gus Riley to pay a $30 debt. Riley has three stacks of money on his desk. Andy shoots him and takes the money.Andy ...more

Kitty Cornered Gunsmoke - Season 9
Stell Damon checks out the Oasis Saloon and isn't impressed. She likes the Long Branch and wants to buy it. Kitty says it's not for sale. Stella tells Matt she's opening a saloon. She asks Matt ...more

Lacey Gunsmoke - Season 7
Lacey Parcher sneaks out into the barn to meet Jess. Her father tells Jess don't come around here no more. He comes back to talk and gets run off again. Mrs. Parcher and Lacey come see Matt. ...more