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List of TV episodes written by Kim Friese, listed alphabetically. This list of television episodes written by Kim Friese also includes any episodes that were co-written by Kim Friese. Various bits of information are available for these episodes, such as what season the episode is from and when it originally aired. If you want to know more about a particular episode you can click on its name for additional details.

List episodes include Bake Sale, Some Like it Hot and many more.

This list answers the questions, "Which TV episodes were written by Kim Friese?" and "What shows has Kim Friese written for?"

Viewers rarely pay attention to who wrote a television episode, so use this list to further your appreciation for TV writers. Kim Friese may not only be a writer, as there are potential producer and director credits as well. (24 items)

Bake Sale 8 Simple Rules - Season 1 Bridget begrudgingly becomes a mother when she is assigned to take care of a baby made out of a sack full of flour for school. When Kerry and Rory bake cookies for the Great American Bake Sale ...more

Behavior Among Adults The Faculty - Season 1 Amanda and Luis find the sex-education class they're t aching too hot to handle when their eyes suddenly lock; Daisy relinquishes control of the supply closet to Flynn, who unlocks it and finds ...more

Caroline and the Wayward Husband (3) Caroline in the City - Season 2 Conclusion. Julia arrives at ""Richard and Caroline's"" apartment in tears, announcing that her engagement is over and demanding to spend the night on the sofa - which means ...more

Body Double The Hughleys - Season 2 Yvonne's parents drop the family's hated Aunt Thelma off at the Hughley residence where she proceeds to die. Darryl goes with Yvonne's father to make funeral arrangements, and even though he ...more

Farewell, My Sweet Cybill - Season 4 Cybill and Maryann each get a shock when Cybill discovers that she's allergic to chocolate and Maryann gets a surprise visit from her parents, who are in town for a bowling tournament.

December Days In the Heat of the Night - Season 3 The Sparta police investigate a suspicious death in a nursing home.

Hulk Arnold The Wonder Years - Season 6 Kevin discovers that he's pretty good at wrestling. He thinks about giving up until he realizes that Winnie likes him being an athlete. The coach even talks Kevin into going into competition.

Carpool The Hughleys - Season 1 Yvonne asks Darryl to carpool for a few days, but things don't work out when the other kids' moms vote him out the day before Yvonne is to appear before city council.

Some Like it Hot Cybill - Season 4 The family take cover when Cybill's hormones rage after she opts to cope with menopause the ""natural way"" rather than with prescription durgs, while her visiting mother ...more

Dog Eat Dog The Hughleys - Season 1 Darryl's neighbor takes him to court after he claims the family's stray dog attacked him.

The Proof is in the Pudding Evening Shade - Season 4 Ava is upset when she is forced to imprison her own father for refusing to divulge a journalistic source.

I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't Hannah Montana - Season 1 Miley adores her new beau, Josh, but is unsettled to learn that he despises Hannah Montana. After spending their whole date trying to get Josh to change his mind about Hannah, he decides to ...more

Guess Who's Coming Out for Dinner? The Hughleys - Season 3 Darryl is afraid that his ""girl-hating"" son Michael might be gay, suspicions that ultimately lead one of his neighbors to come out of the closet at a lively neighborhood ...more

Kolchak Swings ... and Kiss That One Goodbye Chicago Sons - Season 1 Co-workers Harry and Lindsay try not to mix pleasure with business; and entrepreneur Billy thinks he's on to a real moneymaking scheme.

She's a Super Sneak Hannah Montana - Season 1 Miley and her friends want to meet Ashton Kutcher at his movie premiere & Jackson & Cooper want to meet the beautiful girls who want to meet Ashton Kutcher. So both Miley & Jackson ...more

The Age of Reason Me and the Boys - Season 1 Steve starts feeling a little long in the tooth when he bites off more than he can chew trying to impress attractive doctor Sheryl during a physical exam.

I Left My Ring in Evening Shade Evening Shade - Season 4 Nub becomes a chimney sweep. Meanwhile, Frieda's ex-husband returns with an unusual proposal: he wants to get married again, and wants Frieda to return his grandmother's ring so he can give it ...more

The Brain Teaser The Faculty - Season 1 Shelly needs her spirits lifted, and sponsoring a student in the Academic Challenge seems the answer; Herb needs to lower his cholesterol and Luis is only too glad to help.

Wood and Evan's Excellent Adventure Evening Shade - Season 4 With Nub out sick, Wood and Evan takes over his newspaper route as the ladies run his other errands.

Where's a Harpoon When You Need One? Cybill - Season 4 Cybill gets a job as a spokeswoman on a cruise ship, but when she and Maryann take a cruise, it turns out to be one of displeasure: Dr. Dick, relentless in his efforts to win back Maryann, puts ...more

I'm Shrinnnking The Hughleys - Season 1 Darryl starts to obsess about losing everything.

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Rolling Stones The Wonder Years - Season 6 Kevin wants a story that he and Winnie can tell their kids. So, when he is grounded after receiving a speeding ticket, he sneaks out of the house anyway. Kevin, Winnie and friends are off to see ...more

Milsap Moves Up The Hughleys - Season 2 Darryl gets a reputation around work as giving good love advice. When Milsap starts to despair about his long-distance relationship with Regina, Darryl tells him to make a big gesture. Milsap ...more

Mothers, Lost Fullbacks, and Other Soft Things Chicago Sons - Season 1 When her designing mother comes to town to see her receive an architecture award, Lindsay frets that the woman is there to steal the spotlight from her. Meanwhile, Mike and his macho pals engage ...more