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List of TV episodes written by Pat Dunlop, listed alphabetically. This list of television episodes written by Pat Dunlop also includes any episodes that were co-written by Pat Dunlop. Various bits of information are available for these episodes, such as what season the episode is from and when it originally aired. If you want to know more about a particular episode you can click on its name for additional details.

List is made up of episodes like Sweethearts of Disaster and The Raiders.

This list answers the questions, "Which TV episodes were written by Pat Dunlop?" and "What shows has Pat Dunlop written for?"

Viewers rarely pay attention to who wrote a television episode, so use this list to further your appreciation for TV writers. Pat Dunlop may not only be a writer, as there are potential producer and director credits as well. (20 items)

Free Medicine Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Season 4 Dr. Finlay dreams of a free National Health Service, but Dr. Cameron is sceptical and fears the extra workload free health care might bring. But as usual the older man's attitude is not as rigid ...more

I Know My Coppers Part 2 Z Cars - Season 6 When the money is recovered from a raid on a security van it is placed in a cell in Newtown police station for safe keeping. But how safe is it?

Is There Anybody There? Said The Traveller Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Season 6

Mission X-41 Joe 90 - Series 1 Joe takes on the patterns of a top virologist to steal the formula for the antibody for virus X-41 from a secret laboratory, can Joe save the day.

Itself And Friend Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Series 8 When Bob Dewar wants a loan from the bank to open a garage Dr. Finlay decides to act as guarantor. But Dr. Cameron, although agreeing that Dewar is a skilful mechanic, has doubts about his ...more

Pastures New Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Series 7 Mistress Niven, the local gossip and an unqualified nurse, is about to run into serious trouble with Dr. Finlay for endangering the life of a child by treating him unofficially and diagnosing ...more

Out Of The Blue Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Season 6

Trojan Horse The Bill - Series 6 P.C. Ken Melvin and P.C. Reg Hollis stop a young man for erratic driving, and a PNC check reveals the expensive car is stolen. Stamp and Quinnan arrive to transport the prisoner to Barton ...more

The Barrier Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Series 7 Janet is behaving a little out of character, showing irritation over even the slightest triviality. Unfortunately Cameron is too preoccupied with a patient, and when Finlay eventually points out ...more

Oak, Mahogany Or Walnut Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Series 7 When Tannochbrae's undertaker James Gibson finds convincing evidence that he himself is shortly to join the clients who have gone before his attitude towards the subject of death undergoes a ...more

Random Sample Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Season 6

The Cure The Secret Service - Series 1 Sakov, one of Europe's most astute freelance agents, is trailed by Blake to Greenways Nursing Home, a health farm run by chief therapist Dr. Klam, and the Bishop assigns Father Unwin to find out ...more

Recall To Service The Secret Service - Series 1 The Aquatank, a new computer-controlled military vehicle, is to be demonstrated to the NATO heads of defence at the World Army Experimental Vehicle Division base. Anticipating sabotage, the ...more

To Catch A Spy The Secret Service - Series 1 Enemy agent George Grey is believed to be being hidden by the influential Sir Humphrey Burton at his country residence. Father Unwin pays Sir Humphrey a visit, enabling a miniaturised Matthew to ...more

The Raiders Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Series 3 Roddy Munro is the envy of every lad in Tannochbrae. After giving up his clerical job it is the day of his first match as a professional footballer and the Tannochbrae United Supporters' Club ...more

Sweethearts of Disaster A Man Called Sloane - Season 1 Sloane teams with his Russian counterpart, a stunning female agent, to combat KARTEL's use of a destructive laser gun.

Under The Hammer Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Season 5 Jeannie Cranston, an overweight teenager, is a worry to Dr. Cameron. Food is her obsession: though supposedly on a diet she eats ravenously. Could it be due to worry? And what is the hold that ...more

The North Side Of Ben Vorlich Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Season 6 Dr. Finlay, after rising to an emergency while assisting a consultant surgeon in an operation, feels a renewal of the old urge towards the operating theatre. This means a return to medical ...more

The Stick Of The Rocket Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Series 7 After his defeat in the by-election Dr. Finlay is not his usual self. It may be that he is just run down, but when he insults a wealthy hypochondriac and is rude to Dr. Snoddie, Dr. Cameron ...more

Sweet Sorrow Dr. Finlay's Casebook - Season 6