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List of TV episodes written by Paul Playdon, listed alphabetically. This list of television episodes written by Paul Playdon also includes any episodes that were co-written by Paul Playdon. Various bits of information are available for these episodes, such as what season the episode is from and when it originally aired. If you want to know more about a particular episode you can click on its name for additional details.

This list features episodes like The Young Lords and Orpheus.

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Breakout Garrison's Gorillas - Season 1 The team kidnaps a German colonel's son in order to trade him for a captured resistance leader.

Call Unicorn Cannon - Season 1 Unexpected overhead in the trucking business as costly loads are hijacked, and private detectives murdered.

Gulliver Combat! - Season 5 A group of children finds a wounded Littlejohn. They take him to where they live. Then they try to sell him to the Americans & the Germans

Death Chain Cannon - Season 1 If it isn't one thing, it's another: a bank manager's mistress is killed, and Cannon finds that's not the end of it.

Entombed Combat! - Season 5 After rescuing captive French resistance fighters, the squad regroups in an abandoned mine. When the Germans attack, Germans, French, and Americans are all trapped. They form a pact to work ...more

Decision Combat! - Season 5 Pvt. Harris is sent to go out with the squad as a demolition man.The asignment is to blow up a radio station. On the way Doc finds out that Harris is a Doc. After the second asignment Harris ...more

Submarine Mission: Impossible - Season 4 Just as Jim and the others unwittingly become caught up in a royal power struggle, a bomb goes off, seriously injuring Paris and revealing his disquise.

Stone Cold Dead Cannon - Season 1 A closed case gets reopened and leads to further consequences.

Ten Thousand Dollars a Page Banacek - Season 1 Banacek must solve a murder and the disappearance of a valuable book from a theft-proof display case.

Julie Lancer - Season 1

Nightmare Daniel Boone - Season 4 One of the better episodes of the series is this tale about Daniel, Israel, and Rebecca's efforts to elude a group of bloodthirsty Shawnees on their way home to Boonesborough.

Orpheus Mission: Impossible - Season 4 An unknown assassin must be stopped, so Barney infiltrates the foreign agency that employs him while Jim poses as a drug addict with information to sell.

The Cataflaque Mission: Impossible - Season 5 In San Pascal Premier Miguel Fuego and his nephew Ramone have signed a secret arms treaty with a Communist power to permit nuclear weapons aimed at the U.S. into their country. The IMF must ...more

The Falcon (2) Mission: Impossible - Season 4 Paris masquerades as Zastro, a magician who has come to entertain during an arranged wedding between the king's sister and a ruthless usurper.

The Mind of Stefan Miklos Mission: Impossible - Season 3 Walter Townsend is discovered to be a double-agent: the U.S. government has leaked false information to him to give to the enemy which will cause them embarassment if believed. However, ...more

The Night of the Sedgewick Curse The Wild Wild West - Season 4 Investigating the disappeance of a correspondent of James West's, the agents come upon a bizarre family scheme. West's associate had a rare disorder that caused rapid aging, similar to that of ...more

The Furlough Combat! - Season 5 When Private Vincent is killed shortly before he is to go on a week's furlough, Saunders travels to England to deliver his bequest to Ann Tinsley, the director of an orphanage. During his time ...more

Wild Horse Lancer - Season 1

The Freeze Mission: Impossible - Season 3 Albert Jenkins, who robbed an armored car five years ago, double-crossed his associates and hid the $10 million. He then managed to get himself arrested as ""Raymond Barret"" ...more

Pilot CHiPs - Season 1 Jon and Ponch are chasing thieves who steal luxury cars. Ponch has problems with Sgt. Getraer and can't do anything right by him. The thieves are using moving vans with stolen licence plates, so ...more

Nicole Mission: Impossible - Season 3 Jim is sent in to recover a list of Allied agents from the enemy's highest ranking intelligence minister, Anton Valdas. Nicole Vedette's, Valdas' secretary, is apparently on the IMF's side but ...more

The Bunker (1) Mission: Impossible - Season 3 Dr. Erich Rojak and his wife Anna are being held in an underground laboratory/bunker by a totalitarian enemy government. Another unfriendly government has sent an assassin, Ventlos, to kill ...more

The Bunker (2) Mission: Impossible - Season 3 With Cinnamon-as-Anna in place, she is taken to her ""husband"" and tells Dr. Rojak to be near an air vent. Jim as a security officer has placed a small remote-control flying ...more

The Amnesiac Mission: Impossible - Season 4 The IMF team has to try and gain access to a nuclear reactor complex, where a terminally ill officer plans to detonate an atomic bomb.

Wednesday, Ladies Free Hawaii Five-O - Season 4 Vic Tanaka is murdering women and painting their faces to resemble a prostitute he once knew, who is now happily married. McGarrett and his team must find the killer before he does any more

Treasure of San Ignacio Cannon - Season 1 A bad day at the track leaves a race car driver with a taste for vengeance.

The Illusion of the Cat's Eye The Magician (1973) - Season 1 A statue of an Egyptian cat on display in a museum is this episode's main attraction. It is believed by the Egyptians that incarnated inside the statue of the Ramses Cat is an Egyptian god. They ...more

Battlestar Galactica - Season 1 While on patrol, Apollo and Starbuck encounter the supposedly lost Battlestar Pegasus, commanded by the living legend, Commander Cain.

Time Bomb Garrison's Gorillas - Season 1 The team must enter a room with an unexploded bomb in order to crack a safe containing a vital sample of heavy water.

The Night of the Egyptian Queen The Wild Wild West - Season 4 Agent Artemus Gordon and the curator of the San Francisco Museum are set upon in the Egyptian exhibit by three men wearing gas masks. When agents West and Mr. Heisel, the Egyptian government's ...more

The Ordeal of Israel Boone Daniel Boone - Season 4 Israel must call upon all he has learned to save Boone from a rattlesnake bite; guest Jim Davis.

The Werewolf Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Season 1 Bernhardt Stieglitz, a NATO soldier bitten by a wolf, leaves a string of murder victims behind him. When Vincenzo is forced to abort his long-awaited vacation and report on the last cruise of an ...more

The Glass Cage Mission: Impossible - Season 3 Anton Reisner, a reistance leader in a tyrannical country, has been imprisoned in the automated Trast Prison and is being tortured by Major Zelinko in order to get the names of the other ...more

The Interrogator Mission: Impossible - Season 3 Agent Norvan Kruger knows about his country's plans to launch some kind of attack which will devastate the world. he's been captured by a second country unfriendly to the U.S. Kruger's ...more

The Falcon (3) Mission: Impossible - Season 4 With the king's sister rescued during the wedding, the team must now turn its attention to the true heir, who's locked up in prison.

The Death Sentence Garrison's Gorillas - Season 1 When Garrison is charged with cowardice and desertion, the team goes into action to find out the truth.

The Illusion of the Stainless Steel Lady The Magician (1973) - Season 1 Irene Denore, a famous film actress of the silent era, is being held hostage in her own home by her ruthless business manager, Brad Nicholson, who is slowly bleeding her dry of her fortune. ...more

Garrison's Gorillas - Season 1 After a series of unsuccessful missions, the team is sent in as expendable decoys to help a defecting general get out of German territory.

The Illusion of the Fatal Arrow The Magician (1973) - Season 1 Someone is going around killing people with, of all things, a bow & arrow. Stranger still, a psychic sees it all in her mind's eye...and has to tell someone. That someone is her good friend ...more

The Reunion Hawaii Five-O - Season 3 A Japanese computer research company executive is recognised by a veteran as his former captor in a Phillippine prison camp in World War II.