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List of TV episodes written by Scott Kaufer, listed alphabetically. This list of television episodes written by Scott Kaufer also includes any episodes that were co-written by Scott Kaufer. Various bits of information are available for these episodes, such as what season the episode is from and when it originally aired. If you want to know more about a particular episode you can click on its name for additional details.

This is a list that includes episodes like Let the Games Begin and Young at Heart.

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Candidate The Chris Isaak Show - Season 3 Chris's sense of civic duty is aroused when his favorite free parking spot at the public beach he frequents is suddenly designated a red zone.  Chris vows to fight for the public's civil ...more

Chris Isaak Day The Chris Isaak Show - Season 2 From Showtime: Chris is flattered when the mayor of his hometown of Stockton, California, wants to rename a street, ‘Chris Isaak Avenue.' But his journalist girlfriend Stephanie, teases ...more

Family Ties The Chris Isaak Show - Season 2 From Showtime: On the rebound from Stephanie, Chris breaks an unwritten band rule and starts dating a young singer/songwriter named Olivia. All though he finds her efforts at songwriting ...more

Contractions Murphy Brown - Season 3 The Wolf network tries to woo Murphy away, something she isn't interested in until she finds out the network is taking her for granted.

Face Off Ink - Season 1 After guesting on a late night TV show. And coming across well, Mike is asked to stand in as the host for a week. The show goes well until a guest cancels at the last moment and Mike has to get ...more

Heart-Stopping 3 Lbs. - Season 1 A woman that three years ago Hanson operated for an aneurysm returns complaining of double vision. After making some test, they find that she has another aneurysm that her chance of surviving ...more

Mr. Butterfly Under Cover - Season 1

How to Be a Good Listener Arli$$ - Season 2 It's a day from hell for Arliss Michaels: Stanley is considering leaving AMM, while client Sammy Stilton is about to be suspended for ""assaulting"" an umpire. All this as ...more

Truth Be Told Boston Legal - Season 1 Alan is asked by his old crush, Samantha, for legal representation to help her husband Jack, who is running for Mayor, when a false rumor has been publicized. While dealing with Paul's objection ...more

Home Improvement The Chris Isaak Show - Season 3 After hearing about Brian McKnight's luxurious home, Chris feels pressured by the band to improve his homely house and decides to install a state-of-the-art steam room. He soon comes to regret ...more

Let the Games Begin The Chris Isaak Show - Season 3 As a long-time baseball fan Chris, who often tries to meld his American boy-next-door lifestyle with his rock-star profession, revels in his newfound friendship with star Oakland A's pitcher ...more

I Shall Not Be Moved Memphis Beat - Season 1 Dwight tries to resolve a hostage crisis by becoming a second hostage. He then proceeds to dig through his captor’s past to learn the truth about a decades-old cold case with connections that ...more

Suspicious Minds Memphis Beat - Season 1 When a private plane is found abandoned in a riverside park, the squad hits the trail in search of a pair of the owners, a couple of elderly lottery winners who may have been kidnapped. ...more

Salary Cap This! Arli$$ - Season 2 Sports Illustrated is planning an article about sports agents, and will select one to grace the magazine's cover. Despite some early maneuvering, Arliss thinks he's out of the running. But ...more

The Naked Truth Beggars and Choosers - Season 2

The Nanny and the Professor Gilmore Girls Season 4 Luke becomes overwhelmed by Lane's work ethic when he hires her to work at the diner; Michel exhibits a profound jealousy of Tobin; Emily and Richard find the treats they brought home from ...more

I Want What's Coming to Me South Beach - Season 1 Elizabeth must ask Fuentes for help when a dirty cop tells her that he'll only stay away from her club's business if she pays him protection money. Meanwhile, Arielle sets out on impressing a ...more

Strike Two Murphy Brown - Season 3 The on-air talent goes on strike, so management brings in Miller Redfield to handle Murphy's pending interview on the S&L crisis. When the only question Miller wants to know is why parking ...more

The Hidden Mommy The Chris Isaak Show - Season 2 From Showtime: Chris is performing with country music star Trisha Yearwood when he hears from his mom that old Uncle Corky has called from a V.A. nursing home and wants to see him. Believing his ...more

The X-Files season 1 Mulder becomes the target of someone from his past named John Barnett. He was a jewelry store robber with an itchy trigger finger that Mulder sent to prison when he first joined the Bureau. The ...more