The Values Of Sitcom Homes If They Were On The Market Today

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One of the most important staples of popular sitcoms from the 1980s and '90s was the family home. Often these iconic houses weren't actually located where the shows were supposed to be set; more often than not, they were suburban homes within easy reach of the studios of California. This means the homes used for exterior shots are usually worth multiple times the value an equivalent home in say, Detroit, would be.

Some of the houses of TV families really stretched our suspension of disbelief even when they were on the air - and today they are on another plane of existence entirely. Many of our favorite middle- or working-class TV dads would be well-off now if they'd just held onto their properties long enough. 

This list looks at how much the abodes of popular sitcom families would be worth today, based on where the series are set. When the exact location is ambiguous, or if the town itself is fictional, clues from the show are pieced together to find the closest equivalent in the same state. The features of the homes on the shows will be contrasted with prices in the same neighborhood to arrive at an approximate value.