TV Husbands Whose Wives Should Have Divorced Them

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Worst TV husbands whose wives stayed with them

List of TV husbands whose wives should have divorced them. This list includes the worst TV husbands of all types - from those who were merely clueless to those who performed hurtful acts. Whatever their crimes, these are the television husbands who should have been left by their wives. Vote up the worst television husbands.

Bad television husbands come in many varieties. Most common on comedy shows or sitcoms is the male chauvinist stereotype, the husband who complains, belittles others, or is just generally annoying all around. Perhaps the most recognizable example of this type of bad TV husband is Al Bundy. Who could disagree that he was something of a wife’s nightmare? His endless ogling of other women, his slovenly habits, and his anti-feminist rants weren’t anything a wife would want to put up with, but they definitely made for funny TV.

Other bad husbands on TV perform more egregious acts, including cheating, stealing, and lying. These worst of the worst TV husbands include Tony Soprano and Tom Scavo, whose antics weren’t necessarily funny. Instead, their actions made us feel sympathetic toward their wives. Of course, some truly awful TV husbands had equally awful TV wives, such as Dale Gribble from King of the Hill. Poor thing, he never could figure out what was happening with his wife’s "headache treatments."

This list includes the worst TV husbands of all time; these are the men on TV whose wives should have left them, even if only to get a little peace and quiet. Sometimes these gruff TV husbands were hiding a softer side, sometimes they weren’t, but either way, they are the worst examples of husbands on TV. Vote up the worst husbands on the list.
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