TV Parents Who Should Probably Have Their Children Taken Away

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Vote up the absolute worst fictional parents seen on television.

We all have our favorite TV moms and dads who are heartwarming, funny, or simply adorable. However, not all parents across the TV landscape are equpped for the job. In fact, some TV parents are the worst. From extremely violent mothers to blatantly abusive fathers, some fictional parents are the stuff of nightmares. Sometimes, their terrible parenting is so distracting that you can't help but wonder why child protective services hasn't been called on them yet.

Among the fictional characters who are awful parents, you'll find similar patterns of neglect, violence, or mistreatment. These are parents who should have their kids taken away because of their blatant disregard for their children's safety. Vote up the most terrible television parents who needs to have their kids taken away ASAP.


  • Frank Gallagher In 'Shameless'
    Photo: Showtime

    It's all right there in the title of the show, Shameless, which perfectly describes Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy). You can usually find Frank face down in the ground after getting hammered at any time in the day or night. He uses disability checks to fund his alcoholism. But Frank is a father of six, so how do his children stay alive? It's all thanks to his oldest child, Fiona (Emmy Rossum), who takes care of her five siblings. Frank's best parenting advice? "The best gift you can give is neglect. Neglect fosters self-reliance."

    • Actor: David Threlfall, William H. Macy
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    Clifford Blossom In 'Riverdale'

    Clifford Blossom In 'Riverdale'
    Photo: The CW

    In Riverdale, you see very little of Clifford Blossom (Barclay Hope), father of Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Jason (Trevor Stines). However, you do see enough of him to know he's a terrible father in every way possible. He is self-centered and only cares about two things: money and himself. 

    His children are not a priority. Worse, he even murders one of them for discovering his secret illicit drug trade that he operates under the guise of a maple syrup company. It's only after he kills his son, Jason, that his daughter is taken into protective custody.

    • Actor: Barclay Hope
    • Occupation: Maple Syrup proprietor
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  • Aaron Echolls In 'Veronica Mars'
    Photo: UPN

    So many things can be said of Aaron Echolls (Harry Hamlin). Famous actor, abusive father, murderer. Yes, things were often grim in the Echolls household. Aaron is easily one of the worst fathers in TV history. Not only is he sleeping with his son's girlfriend, who is way underage, but he also takes her life. Aaron also attempts to take out Veronica (Kristen Bell), his son's other on-and-off girlfriend.

    Fortunately, Veronica survives. It is also later revealed that throughout Logan's life, Aaron would punish him with a belt to the back.

    • Actor: Harry Hamlin
    • Occupation: Actor
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  • Gemma Teller Morrow In 'Sons of Anarchy'
    Photo: FX

    Jax (Charlie Hunnam) may be old enough to take care of himself, but that doesn't stop Gemma (Katey Sagal) from butting into his business 100% of the time. We follow their relationship as adults, but get glimpses from their shared past. It's obvious that things weren't great in the Teller household. Throughout her marriage to Jax's father (Victor Newmark), Gemma was cheating on him with his friend, Clay (Ron Perlman), whom she later ends up marrying after Jax's father dies. 

    Then, Gemma tries to get custody of Jax's children, and it seems like she will stop at nothing to keep her grandchildren in her life. After all, she kills her daughter-in-law, Tara (Maggie Siff), when she thinks Tara is trying to keep the kids from her.

    • Actor: Katey Sagal
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  • Livia Soprano In 'The Sopranos'
    Photo: HBO

    Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) is not the best father figure, but then again, he didn't have any good examples of good parenting in his lifetime. He takes after his own dad in joining the mob and both are involved in countless burglaries and murders.

    But his mother is an entirely different story. Sure, Tony's dad was a crook, but he loved his children. The same can't be said for Livia (Nancy Marchand). Over the course of the series, we get bits and pieces of Tony's childhood, during which his mother is blatantly cruel toward her children, both physically and verbally. And her cruelty in Tony's adulthood is the stuff of TV legend. Then again, why look too far for documentation of her lack of maternal instincts when she has made her own thoughts on children explicitly clear? "Babies are like animals," she said. "They're no different than dogs."

    And then, of course, there was the time when she kinda-sorta tried to have her own son whacked.

    • Actor: Nancy Marchand
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    Perry Wright In 'Big Little Lies'

    Perry Wright In 'Big Little Lies'
    Photo: HBO

    To outsiders, Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) seems like a dream come true - a good looking, young, rich guy who is the perfect dad. But Big Little Lies has taught us looks can be very deceiving. Not only is Perry verbally cruel to his wife, Celeste (Nicole Kidman), but physically abusive as well. To make matters worse, we learn he is a rapist. Perry is the scummiest of scum and definitely not fit to be a father to his two boys.

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