TV Parents Who Should Probably Have Their Children Taken Away

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Vote up the absolute worst fictional parents seen on television.

We all have our favorite TV moms and dads who are heartwarming, funny, or simply adorable. However, not all parents across the TV landscape are equpped for the job. In fact, some TV parents are the worst. From extremely violent mothers to blatantly abusive fathers, some fictional parents are the stuff of nightmares. Sometimes, their terrible parenting is so distracting that you can't help but wonder why child protective services hasn't been called on them yet.

Among the fictional characters who are awful parents, you'll find similar patterns of neglect, violence, or mistreatment. These are parents who should have their kids taken away because of their blatant disregard for their children's safety. Vote up the most terrible television parents who needs to have their kids taken away ASAP.