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TV Personalities You'd Want to Play Drinking Games With

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We've all been there. A high school friend's basement while their parents are away. A college buddy's back porch on a lazy Sunday. A late night dive bar drinking off a tough week of work. Hanging out with your best drinking buddy (or buddies), playing your favorite drinking game.

Flip Cup, Quarters, Drunken Jenga, Beer Pong. The best drinking games are even more fun when played with drunk celebrities. Who wouldn't want their night to turn into Drinking With the Stars? This list of TV talking heads and personalities is full of cool people who just might make or break your Beer Pong team. But which TV personality would you most want to play a fun drinking game with? And which of these awesome games will you play?

Many TV stars these days aren't afraid to get drunk on air – they don't need it to be five o'clock anywhere. Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford get through their fourth-hour segment of the Today Show by sipping on the finest boxed wine. Anderson Cooper invited the lush ladies over to his own short-lived daytime show for a drink as well. Andy Cohen has nursed a drink or two on air (and Rihanna did more than that before appearing on his show wasted). Jimmy Fallon frequently played drinking games with his guests on Late Night, a tradition that continued onto the Fallon version of The Tonight Show as well.

But which TV personality would you challenge to a spirited game of Flip Cup? Who do you want by your side for Quarters? Vote up your dream celebrity drinking buddy below and let the "Thirsty Games" begin!

  • Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / NBC

    Back when he was the host of Late Night, Fallon frequently coerced his celebrity guests into playing drinking games with him. He played Beer Pong with Betty White, Giant Quarters with Kristen Stewart, and Flip Cup with Kate Upton.

    Known as a fun-loving, eager guy who ruined many an SNL sketch with accidental laughter, Fallon is a great drinking companion.

    - Would clearly be easy to beat in Flip Cup.
    - Seems to know what he's doing in Beer Pong and would be a great asset to your team.

    - Sometimes he gets a little too caught up in the silliness. Getting him to focus on the important game at hand might prove troublesome.

    Fun drinking buddy?

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  • Video: YouTube

    O'Brien is probably most famous for NBC's 2010 Tonight Show debacle. Now that he's all settled in at TBS, he's got to be ready for a wild night of Drunk Jenga. Right? Get your string dance ready, it's time to imbibe with Coco.

    - He's Irish, so he'll have no problem holding it together during an extra long game of Beer Pong.
    - You don't have to worry about making a fool of yourself, because he's probably making a fool of himself, too.

    - Be very, very careful to not bring up Leno.
    - Conan can be a bit awkward, not ideal in a drinking pal.

    Fun drinking buddy?

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  • Video: YouTube

    The ABC late-night host is German, Irish, and Italian. Talk about the ultimate trifecta of drinking genes. This is one dude you'll definitely want on your side during the drinking hour. Kimmel's everyman personality and love of pranks will make for a memorable night.

    - He grew up in Vegas, so he must know how to party.
    - Remember that time he downed five drinks during a speech? #skills.

    - With a new baby on the way, Papa Kimmel might not be as dedicated to the craft of drinking games.
    Fun drinking buddy?

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  • Photo: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart / Comedy Central

    The former host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Stewart could easily be the poster-child for drinking games. He is beloved by many, including those drinking game experts: college dudes. He clearly has a hold on this group, though he's not exactly skipping class and sitting around. Stewart just happens to be TV's highest paid host.

    He's smart, witty, and after you're tanked from hours of Quarters, his biting sarcasm will keep you laughing until you (hopefully) make it home.

    - Few people under 34 years old (and over 21, of course) wouldn't want to drink with him. Think of the street cred!
    - Bust out that fat wallet, J. Stew.

    - He might have to bail early, as each night he and his wife have a date with the New York Times daily crossword puzzle.

    Fun drinking buddy?

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