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The TV Show Dads You'd Most Want To Bang

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Ladies, you know you want it. Call it an Oedipus complex or an obsession with dudes holding diaper bags, there’s just something about a loving, hot dad that’s impossible to resist. Especially when that dad is also a super sexy small screen hottie.

TV fathers have been giving girls goose bumps since the days of Andy Griffith and Desi Arnaz. Whether they’re dispensing valuable advice, standing up for their kids on the playground, or struggling with paternal affection, we can’t help but fall in love with TV’s hottest DILFs.

Who’s you’re your favorite TV father? Do you like ‘em sexy? Sweet? Smokin’ hot? The dads on this list that should appeal to every gal, no matter her type. From the vintage allure of Ricky Ricardo to the irresistible brooding of Don Draper, each of these dads from television is attractive in their own way.

Do you prefer the seductive danger of a dad like Dexter Morgan or the affable sweetness of Phil Dunphy? The musical expertise of Jesse Katsopolis or the butch toughness of Eliot Stabler? Vote up the hottest pops on television and let the world know which of TV’s hottest fathers you’d most like to bang!