Hilarious TV Show Host Tattoos

Have you ever dwindled away a day watching The Price Is Right, just dreaming of your chance to finally spin that giant-ass wheel? Do you secretly believe, deep down, that you and your brilliant perspective are the missing ingredient from The View? Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you could make a better judgement call than Judge Judy? If you're a TV host junky, that's okay - we've put together list of the most hilarious TV show host tattoos out there.

Whether you’re a hardcore game show lover, or you secretly binge watch The Jerry Springer Show when no one else is home, this TV host tattoo gallery is guaranteed to make you giggle. We may never know what these people with insane TV show host tattoos were thinking when they got Alex Trebek's face permanently inked on their skin, but let's face it: they were probably pretty drunk. Or pretty stupid. 

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