The Hottest Moms in TV History

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A list of the TV show moms you'd most like to bang. Fellas, let's face it: there's a TON of fictional moms we'd like to bang. Yes, I understand that in the case of many of these women, we're only thinking about the actress instead of the actual character. For the sake of this sanity, we'll take both the actress and the merits of the character they portray on this list into consideration. So that said, there's a plethora of hot moms on this list that should appeal to every type of red-blooded male. You have all sorts of moms, from the traditional 1950s-era mom like Lucy Ricardo, the spicy, salacious Gloria Delgado-Pritchett from "Modern Family." The one thing they have in common: they have attracted the attention of men who probably wouldn't watch that particular show without their presence on the program. These fictional babes are not only great characters, but easy on the eyes as well.

I mean, who wouldn't want to lay eyes on April Buchanon aka Katy Mixon of "Eastbound & Down?" The same goes for Betty Draper and, naturally, the biggest babe of em all, Nancy Botwin. What's hotter than a drug dealing mom?

This is the list of the TV show moms you'd most like to bang. If you notice a TV show mom that isn't on this list for some reason, feel free to add her. Vote or rerank this list according to who you think should be at the top.