17 TV Show Protagonists Who Were Overshadowed By A Side Character

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Great lead TV characters aren’t born, they’re made. You know them by their tragic backstories, kickass introduction scenes, unique quirks, and triumphant redemption arcs. Writers write leads characters in such a way that viewers want to root for them and give them supporting players to do just that – support. These characters will sometimes have their own compelling arcs, but most often they take a back seat to the protagonist, providing guidance, friendship, mentorship, or comedic relief as assigned. 

Once in a blue moon though, a show features a secondary character who totally steals the spotlight. It might be because the lead is a jerk, or is boring, or simply because the side character is played with more dynamism than the lead. In these cases a supporting character can move into more of a co-star if the audience attention pushes creators to give them more screen time. In some cases, a show featuring an ensemble may just naturally have one character shine brighter than others. 

Here are a few examples where a show's lead was totally eclipsed by a more interesting side character.