True Stories TV Show Storylines That Actually Happened in Real Life  

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Whether it’s because of serialized television’s need to consistently tell new stories, or that some network TV writers are actually witches, some episodes of the most popular television series have managed to predict the future, and in some cases, their stories have become incredibly real. The worst-case scenario for these real life TV shows is obviously any time that an act of terrorism mirrors real life. One can’t imagine what the writer for Fox’s short-lived Lone Gunmen series must have felt like when he accidentally predicted the 9/11 attacks, but it couldn’t have been good. Take a look at these stories of television foreshadowing real life events.

This list looks at some crazy TV shows real life counterparts, and questioning the possibility of whether or not these stories can influence real world events, or if some writers are simply a conduit for bigger ideas than they’re aware of. Some of the stories on this list are massive world events that were predicted by cult television programs, while others aren’t as big of a deal, but they’re still eerily similar to the fictional storylines. Take a look at these stories and their real world equivalents and try not to get too freaked out.

Can you think of any other TV show plots that really happened? If so, leave a comment with the title of the show and episode that perfectly predicted the NCAA Championships and a paranormal squad will be on the case shortly.

A 23-Year-Old Peruvian Woman Allegedly Copied The 13 Reasons Why Suicide Tapes

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A 23-year-old Peruvian woman tragically committed suicide in June 2017, and she left behind a series of tapes, much like the main protagonist in 13 Reasons Why. According to Peruvian news outlets, the woman jumped from a balcony to her death after telling her mother she couldn't stand the heartbreak. Police found a note, as well as a series of tapes addressed to specific people. 

While there was no explicit link to the show, police said it was done in a similar fashion. In the show, high schooler Hannah Baker commits suicide and leaves a series of tapes casting blame on her fellow classmates for her death. 

The Ad Don Draper Pitched In Mad Men Actually Got Made In Real Life

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Mad Men

Don Draper was the king of advertisements on Mad Men. In the shows seven seasons, Draper thought up a lot of campaigns for some very notable (and real) companies. In 2017, Heinz ketchup is going to run the ad Draper pitched in Season 6 of the show - for real. 

Springfield Knew That Donald Trump Would Run for President

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The Simpsons

Someone has to stop The Simpsons because it seems like every horrible thing they can think of comes true. In the episode "Bart to the Future" we discover that Donald Trump became president and raised a “generation of ultra-strong supercriminals.”

Cult Sci-Fi Series Somehow Predicts Pig-Gate

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Black Mirror

The first episode of Charlie Brooker's groundbreaking science fiction show Black Mirror imagined a world in which England's prime minister would have to orally copulate with a pig. There was no way Brooker could know how real his story would be.