The Greatest TV Shows About Best Friends

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Everyone's got at least one of them and that's why we love to watch TV shows about best friends. Whether you're talking about a TV show like The Wonder Years that features two buddies growing up like Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer or more adult fare like the aptly named Friends, there are hundreds of examples of TV shows about friends to watch on television. What TV shows about BFFs can you think of?

This list compiles the very best shows about best friends by getting rid of the formulaic fluff found on television and focusing on the truly good shows we all know and love. Shows like Seinfeld may be "about nothing" but when you strip away that so-called premise, the series is all about the friendship and wacky adventures of Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine. Whether your interests lie in watching a TV show about childhood best friends, folks in their twenties, senior citizens, or platonic best friends, there are plenty of TV shows about best friends to watch! 

For more recommendations on good shows about best friends, browse this list of the best bff shows! Vote up the shows about best friends you think are the greatest and see where your favorite shows rank.

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