The Best TV Shows Based on Video Games

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Are there good video game TV shows? It's pretty common knowledge that movies based on video games are usually pretty bad. While that's certainly true of most Hollywood adaptations of the industry, the same cannot be said about television shows based on video games. For some reason, the format just works, which is why most children's Saturday morning cartoons included at least one series made from a popular video game franchise.

It's also not surprising given the fact that many of the characters created in the early days of the video game industry were crafted for children. That, and the limited graphical abilities of the '80s and '90s meant that simple characters running around mazes could be translated into colorful cartoons with rich backstories, characters, and situations. Some of those animated series based on video games were actually pretty good, and presented here are the very best - or at least the most fun to watch. As both game and animation technology has developed, the synergy between the two media has just grown stronger. From the two concurrent 1993 Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons and the multitude of Super Mario series to the more recent Netflix Castlevania series, shows based on video games run the gamut of style and genre.

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Photo: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures / Disney XD
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