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11 Times TV Shows Made Major Plot Decisions Based On The Fact They Didn't Have Enough Money

Updated November 5, 2019 57.7k views11 items

Have you ever been totally engrossed in a TV show, then completely blindsided by an unexpected change? Have you ever wondered why the showrunners wrote a certain plotline the way they did? Many of our favorite TV shows have made big decisions about the course of a storyline based on some surprising factors. Sometimes, however, these determining factors boil down to one thing: money.

The budget a show has to work with affects every aspect of the series, and sometimes studios make big changes without consulting everyone involved. One major reason plots change is due to tight budgets - either the show starts out with a measly amount to work with, or their budget gets slashed to make room for other shows. This all affects the production value and the amount of creativity that directors and writers can afford to devote to a series. Some of your favorite shows may have suffered from these issues.