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12 TV Shows That Kept Going As Comics When They Were Cancelled

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While television shows must always come to an end, the same cannot be said of their stories. Thanks to fandom, we've been lucky enough to get some fantastic comics based on canceled TV shows over the years. Whether it was a show that ended too early, or just a fan base that can't quit their favorite characters, comic book publishers have been happy to oblige fans with many television show continuations - especially in recent years.

When cult hits like Firefly and Jericho ended before fans were ready to say goodbye, comic books were there to fill in the gaps. When Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were cut from the airwaves, comic books were there to delight "Buffyverse" fans of all stripes. Even though Smallville ran for an incredible 10 seasons, there were still more stories to tell in comic book form. 

Read on to discover which TV shows continued in comic books, and vote up the stories that sound worth reading!