The Best (and Worst) TV Shows Ending in 2018

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Unfortunately, great television has a shelf life and there are many shows ending in 2018. Due to low ratings, unforeseen circumstances, or the creators simply deciding it's time to end the series, there will be a lot of 2018 series finales. 

What shows are ending in 2018? Following the Kevin Spacey sexual harassment scandal, Netflix's critically acclaimed original series House of Cards is ending in 2018 with a final sixth season. Other canceled shows include The Americans, Scandal, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth, and New Girl. Not all shows that ended in 2018 got axed, however. If you loved binge watching some of these shows, you're undoubtedly sad to see them end. 

Which 2018 cancelled shows are you sorry to see go? Cast your vote below. Then check out what shows are ending in 2019.

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