All The TV Shows That Ended in 2020, Ranked

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Even as our watchlists fill with great new shows, many of the best TV shows are ending in 2020. While some popular shows, like Netflix originals GLOW and 13 Reasons Why, just didn't make it past that tricky second-to-fourth season mark, other long-running series, like Modern Family, Arrow, and Homeland, announced their final seasons beforehand. Which shows canceled in 2020 are you sad to see end?

Set for a May season finale date, Supernatural was one of the most anticipated series finales in 2020, ending a 15 season run. Another 15 season show, Criminal Minds, also ended in 2020. However, not all shows ending in 2020 have so many seasons. Bojack Horseman and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ended well before their tenth season. Other 2020 series finales include several sitcoms, such as the returned Will & Grace, Fresh Off The Boat, and Fuller House. The History Channel series Vikings will air its last season in 2020 but already has a spin-off in the works.

Due to the global pandemic, several shows that were due to end in 2020 may be pushed into 2021, effectively giving audiences (sort of) one last season with their favorite shows. Other shows, such as Lucifer, which had moved to Netflix for its fourth season and was expected to end with season five, is actually getting one last season, after it was renewed for a season six in early June, 2020.

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