All The TV Shows That Ended in 2022, Ranked

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Vote up the shows ending in 2022 you are most sad to see go.

The cancelled shows of 2022 include many favorites, from shows that have lasted forever to shows that have only been around for a couple of seasons. While some popular shows, like Netflix originals Dead to Me and Family Reunion, just didn't make it past their third season mark, many shows ending in 2022 are long-running series, like The Walking Dead and Black-ish. Which TV shows canceled in 2022 are you sad to see end? Are there any single-season shows in 2022 that were canceled you wish had another chance?

Some of the 2022 canceled TV shows like Manifest were able to grab one more season before they go, thanks to getting picked up by a new network that allowed them to finish out their stories properly. Other shows are ending after an admirable run, like The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s 19 seasons, or the 25 seasons (and 26 years!) of Arthur – long enough for a lot of people to have never been alive without new episodes of those shows on the air. Other series feel like they’ve reached a natural end – as a prequel to Breaking Bad, we all knew Better Call Saul would end someday, and 2022 feels like a good year to say goodbye to some of the series we love, if only to make room for all the new shows 2022 is bringing.

Even if it’s their time, it’s hard to say farewell to TV shows ending in 2022, but you can vote up the 2022 cancelled shows you’ll miss the most.

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