Good TV Shows for Teens

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Finding the best shows for teenagers to watch can be tricky. Not all TV shows starring teens (or actors playing teens) are necessarily the best for teens to watch - themes can get too dark, romances too intimate, or morals too thin. Conversely, some “grown-up” series are not only great for teens, but they’re also something they can watch with their parents, too! If you’ve been looking for good shows for teens, this list of the best television shows appropriate for teens will help find the right balance of what is “good for teens” and “actually fun to watch.”

Every teen is different and just because someone is now high school-aged doesn’t mean they automatically are ready to watch crime shows or edgy humor. But that doesn't mean they want to watch shows for kids anymore either. The best shows for teens to watch find a balance between compelling and creepy, romantic and raunchy. Some good shows for teens portray positive examples of family, such as Jane the Virgin, Gilmore Girls, and Moesha. Others offer good role models or even open up dialogues about the stress of being a teen, like Degrassi and My So-Called Life.

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