The Best Black TV Shows Of All Time

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Vote up the most influential TV shows with strong Black audiences - from all genres and from all time periods

This list contains the most beloved Black TV shows, whether they are current or from the past, whether they have a mainly Black cast or more mixed, and from any genre. What matters is they are favorites and touchstones for Black audiences. From sitcoms to dramas to reality shows, these are the shows African-Americans love. Vote your favorites up.

The lack of Black television shows of any genre has been consistently noted, but as the 21st century rolls on, the state of African-American television shows signs of improvement. Television has come a long way from The Cosby Show, which is often considered a breakthrough moment in African-American TV. Today, all-Black sitcoms, reality shows, and dramas are more readily available, from reruns of classics, including Martin and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, to current shows, such as Empire and Basketball Wives. Of course, the most popular Black TV shows don’t just include those with all-Black casts or those specifically aimed at the demographic - but shows that center Black characters and stories tend to come out on top.

What are your favorite African-American TV shows? Which shows are most loved by Black people? Are they classics, such as The Jeffersons or Living Single? Or are they just entertaining TV, including Modern Family or South Park? Whether the shows portray life in the African-American community or provide an engaging viewer experience, these TV shows African-Americans love keep viewers returning to their television sets.

What are television's most popular Black TV shows? Vote up the shows most loved by the Black community and see where the Black shows you love rank.

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