The 115+ Best Indie TV Shows, Ranked By Fans

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List of TV shows hipsters love, both current shows and hipster faves from the past. Perhaps a TV-watching hipster seems like an oxymoron; after all, part of being a hipster is eschewing the mainstream and doing things that are different. These TV shows that hipsters love, however, prove that sometimes TV can be just different enough.

Some hipster TV shows feature characters who are themselves hipsters. Think of Jess Day from New Girl - from the black-framed glasses to the clothes to her attitude, she’s the quintessential hipster TV character. Or consider Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein from Portlandia, who’ve portrayed characters that embody yet satirize the typical hipster of the Pacific Northwest: from a focus on eco-friendly life to arguments about who read it/saw it/heard it first, the pair is everything hipster. Hipster TV characters aren’t new, either. Remember Dobie Gillis? He was a hipster. Or, was he, like, a beatnik, man?

Other TV shows hipsters love may not have hipster characters, but they’re peripheral enough to be enjoyed ironically or specifically because they are uncool. This class of TV shows for hipsters includes both older shows, such as Star Trek, and ones that are still being produced, such as Jeopardy. Hipsters also enjoy TV shows meant for a younger audience - it’s hard to deny the hipster appeal of The Powerpuff Girls. Other hipster watchlist faves are indie shows, the kind that sprung from web series like Broad City.

Whether viewers call themselves hipsters, these TV shows with hipster appeal range from comedies to dramas to game shows and everything in between. For extra hipster cred, be sure to watch them on an old black-and-white TV or on a MacBook. And, don't forget to vote up the shows for hipsters you think are the best and see where the hipster shows you love to watch rank.

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