TV Shows Produced By Hal Roach, Jr.

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A list of all TV shows produced by Hal Roach, Jr., listed alphabetically with pictures from the show when available. Hal Roach, Jr. have produced a lot of successful television programs, and this list highlights some of the best ones. This list of TV programs produced by Hal Roach, Jr. includes any TV shows co-produced by Hal Roach, Jr. with other people or companies. Television fanatics can use this list to find some Hal Roach, Jr. TV shows that they haven't seen before. Producers don't often get credit for great TV series but they are an integral part of the creation process.

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This list answers the questions, "What TV shows has Hal Roach, Jr. produced?" and "What are the best Hal Roach, Jr. produced shows?"
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Blondie is the first of two TV series based on the comic strip of the same name. It first aired on January 4, 1957, on NBC. Although Penny Singleton had starred in most of the Blondie movies, producers chose Pamela Britton for the title role, with Arthur Lake playing the role of Dagwood Bumstead as he had in the Blondie movie series. A pilot episode was filmed in 1954 with Hal Le Roy as Dagwood opposite Britton's Blondie. A DVD set of the series was released but only includes the first three episodes. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Pamela Britton, Harold Peary, Elvia Allman

Premiered: 1957

Number of Seasons: 1

Code 3

Code 3 is an American crime drama that aired in syndication in 1957. The stories were all based on actual files of the Los Angeles sheriff's office. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Gil Gerard

Premiered: 1957

Love That Jill

Actors: Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling

Premiered: 1958

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My Little Margie is an American situation comedy starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell that alternated between CBS and NBC from 1952 to 1955. The series was created by Frank Fox and produced in Los Angeles, California at Hal Roach Studios by Hal Roach, Jr. and Roland D. Reed. My Little Margie premiered on CBS as the summer replacement for I Love Lucy on June 16, 1952, under the sponsorship of Philip Morris cigarettes. In an unusual move, the series—with the same leads—aired original episodes on CBS Radio, concurrently with the TV broadcasts, from December 1952 through August 1955. Only 23 radio broadcasts are known to exist in recorded form. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Hillary Brooke, Gale Storm, Charles Farrell, Clarence Kolb, Willie Best, + more

Premiered: 1952

Number of Seasons: 4