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TV Shows Produced By Patrick Dromgoole

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A list of all TV shows produced by Patrick Dromgoole, listed alphabetically with pictures from the show when available. Patrick Dromgoole have produced a lot of successful television programs, and this list highlights some of the best ones. This list of TV programs produced by Patrick Dromgoole includes any TV shows co-produced by Patrick Dromgoole with other people or companies. Television fanatics can use this list to find some Patrick Dromgoole TV shows that they haven't seen before. Producers don't often get credit for great TV series but they are an integral part of the creation process.

List ranges from Robin of Sherwood to American Playhouse, plus much more.

This list answers the questions, "What TV shows has Patrick Dromgoole produced?" and "What are the best Patrick Dromgoole produced shows?"
  • A Class by Himself

    John Le Mesurier, Peter Butterworth


    A Class by Himself is a British sitcom that aired from 1971 to 1972. The half-hour series was made by Harlech Television and starred John Le Mesurier of Dad's Army fame as Lord Bleasham....  more
  • American Playhouse

    Christopher Walken, Helen Hunt


    American Playhouse was an anthology television series periodically broadcast by Public Broadcasting Service in the United States....  more
  • Arthur of the Britons

    Brian Blessed, Jack Watson


    Arthur of the Britons is a British television show about the historical King Arthur. Produced by the HTV regional franchise, it consisted of two series, released between 1972 and 1973. ITV had...  more


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  • Children of the Stones

    Freddie Jones, Iain Cuthbertson


    Children of the Stones is a television drama for children produced by HTV in 1976 and broadcast on the United Kingdom's ITV network in January and February 1977. A one-off serial, the story was...  more
  • Into the Labyrinth

    Gina Bellman, Ron Moody


    Into the Labyrinth is a British children's television series produced by HTV for the ITV network between 1980 and 1982. Three series, each consisting of seven 25-minute episodes, were produced and...  more
  • Robin of Sherwood

    Peter Llewellyn-Williams, Ray Winstone

    PremieredApril 24, 1984

    Robin of Sherwood, was a British television series, based on the legend of Robin Hood. Created by Richard Carpenter, it was produced by HTV in association with Goldcrest, and ran from 1984 to 1986 on...  more
  • Sky

    Jack Watson, Frances Cuka


    Sky is a mystically oriented children's science fantasy television serial made for ITV by HTV and broadcast in seven parts from 7 April to 14 May 1975. A mysterious alien boy with strange solid blue...  more
  • The Clifton House Mystery

    Peter Sallis, Ingrid Hafner


    The Clifton House Mystery was a British children's television paranormal drama series written by Daniel Farson and Harry Moore, produced by Patrick Dromgoole and directed by Hugh David, and shown in...  more