The Best TV Shows Saved by Streaming Services

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You love streaming services, you know you do. Traditional cable would never let you lay in bed and just watch television for days and days. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have given us the wonderful, beautiful gift of new episodes of some of our favorite cancelled TV shows. What shows have streaming services saved from cancellation? From Arrested Development to The Killing, TV fans everywhere are bowing down, kissing the streaming god's feet. 
Some of the best TV shows on Netflix started as network series, but were given second chances, new episodes, or at the very least a significant ratings boost thanks to their success and popularity on the streaming platform. Why? Streaming services know what viewers like. They know that what a network might see as garbage, they see as a treasure. They’ve become experts at predicting just what viewers will tune in to see, and they also have the hindsight is 20/20 advantage of handling a show differently, especially when it comes to niche or genre series like Lucifer, or The Expanse.
As streaming services launche more and more original content in the form of original series, streaming platforms always keep an eye peeled for a TV show that’s on the chopping block or that will sustain viewership after it aired on other networks.
Which shows thought it was the oncoming train of cancellation, but ended up seeing a streaming platform in that tunnel of light? And which TV shows saved by streaming are the best?