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TV Shows That Would Be Better With Different Protagonists  

Alexandra Plesa
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Many ingredients make a successful TV series. Viewers look for anything from interesting world building to a compelling plot to awesome special effects. But whether you're binge-watching a fantasy show or a dramedy, if you're not invested in the characters at the heart of the story, there's little chance you'll be willing to keep up with the plot. And here's the kicker: There's no shortage of TV series that would improve with a new lead.

There have been plenty of shows where a side player overshadowed the lead character. But have you ever stopped while watching Girls or The Office and wondered how much more interesting the series would be if told from the perspective of someone else? TV characters who deserve to be protagonists often have a more interesting story arc or a more engaging personality - or they are just more fun to follow.

How I Met Your Mother is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list TV Shows That Would Be Better With Different Protagonists
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Told from Barney's point of view, How I Met Your Mother would be even more hilarious. Sure, he's a manipulative bastard, but at least he owns up to his mischievous nature instead of disguising himself as a nice guy like Ted.

He had a tumultuous childhood and becomes a player, only to fall in love with a woman and settle down. When the marriage doesn't work out, he has a short relapse into his old ways, but grows up for good once he becomes a father following a one-night stand. Legendary.

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The Vampire Diaries is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list TV Shows That Would Be Better With Different Protagonists
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The Vampire Diaries is a tale of a girl stuck between two vampire brothers. Told from the perspective of Elena's friend Caroline, it would be a story about an insecure girl who is turned into a vampire against her will.

Instead of whining about her new situation, Caroline becomes a more confident and well-rounded person. Doesn't that sound better?

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Grey's Anatomy is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list TV Shows That Would Be Better With Different Protagonists
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The show may be called Grey's Anatomy, but as far as characters go, Cristina has always been a more fascinating presence than Meredith. A series from Cristina's perspective would be all about a strong woman struggling to advance professionally and build a successful career without letting romance get in the way.

She is ruthless and driven, effortlessly becoming a feminist icon and inspiring thousands of women around the world to be true to who they are, regardless of what others might think of them. As opposed to Meredith, whose story isn't particularly unique.

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Girls is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list TV Shows That Would Be Better With Different Protagonists
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None of the four main characters from Girls are what you would call likable. Yet Shoshanna has the best growing arc on the series, despite being pushed to the sidelines in later seasons. She starts the show as a naive girl idolizing her carefree cousin Jessa, but goes on to lose her virginity to an older man, graduate college late, and even work in Japan for a while.

When Girls concludes, she's in a great place, engaged to a man she's in love with and willing to part ways with her toxic besties. Too bad most of her growth happens off-screen.

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