TV Shows That Actually Deserve A Revival

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It's never easy to say goodbye to a beloved television show. Whether it was on the air for years and got a grand sendoff, or it only lasted a few months and received no official finale, there are countless TV series canceled before their time. Fortunately, many TV shows that deserve a revival have been generating considerable interest among studios and showrunners. Twin Peaks, Will & Grace, Roseanne, and Curb Your Enthusiasm are just a few of the series undergoing revivals on major networks.

But there are still a number of shows that should be brought back. Some of the best TV shows to renew are cult favorites, and it's almost criminal they aren't being discussed in an era full of revivals. From Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang to Jerri Blank and the crew at Flatpoint High, from time-jumping Sam Beckett to the eternally warring Al and Peggy Bundy, there is no shortage of TV shows networks should revive. What show would you like to see receive a second greenlighting?

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