Shows That Make You Want To Go Cook Something Yourself

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Vote up the shows that inspire you to get off the couch and head to the kitchen.

These are the cooking shows, reality series, and fictional outings that feature mouth-watering goodies as part of its programming. After spending a few moments with these shows, you'll be inspired to leave the couch and create sometime kooky in the kitchen. Vote up the shows that feature foods that can inspire you to cook (or at least not order takeout tonight). 

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  • Anthony Bourdain travels the globe to uncover little-known areas of the world.
  • The search is on to crown Britain's "Best Amateur Baker."
  • Chefs compete in Kitchen Stadium.
  • Good Eats
    17 votes
    Cooking tips and history with chef Alton Brown.
  • MasterChef
    25 votes


    Amateur chefs compete to become a culinary master and earn the title MasterChef.
  • Top Chef
    10 votes
    Aspiring chefs compete for their shot at culinary stardom.